Ferry: The Series (2023) – A Thrilling Prequel to Undercover


Ferry: The Series

Attractively explore the captivating world of Dutch drug kingpin Ferry Bouman as “Ferry: The Series” takes us back to his early criminal career. Set on the streets of Brabant, Netherlands, and based on popular series like “Undercover,” this prequel charts Ferry’s transformation from a small-time dealer to a robust drug lord.

Release Date: November 3, 2023

Director: Various directors, including Eshref Reybrouck and Joël Vanhoebrouck


  • Frank Lammers as Ferry Bouman
  • Elise Schaap as Danielle van Marken
  • Yannick van de Velde as Lars van Marken
  • Raymond Thiry as John Zwart
  • Koen De Graeve as Marco Grootaers
  • Tygo Gernandt as Johny
  • Huub Stapel as Arie Tack


  • Ferry Bouman: An ambitious and ruthless drug dealer who is determined to rise to the top of the criminal underworld.
  • Danielle van Marken: Ferry’s girlfriend, who is unaware of the full extent of his criminal activities.
  • Lars van Marken: Danielle’s brother and Ferry’s right-hand man.
  • John Zwart: Ferry’s former brother-in-law and a rival drug dealer.
  • Marco Grootaers: Daan’s boss at the hair salon Styletto.
  • Johny: A member of Arie Tack’s gang and a rival of Ferry.
  • Arie Tack: A powerful drug lord who controls a large portion of the Brabant drug trade.
Ferry: The Series


Set in the 1970s, “Ferry: The Series” tells the tale of Ferry Bouman’s rise to power in the Dutch drug trade. Beginning as a small-time dealer working for an established drug lord, his ambition leads him to seek opportunities to expand his empire; when presented with a chance to take control of significant drug routes – even if that means going head-on against his former bosses – Ferry seizes it immediately.

The series follows Ferry as he builds his criminal network and forms alliances with other criminals to become one of Brabant’s most feared drug lords. But success does not come quickly: rival gangs and police informants must constantly be on his radar screen while his lifestyle strains relationships with loved ones.

Frank Lammers Recalls His Iconic Role

Frank Lammers wowed audiences in “Undercover” with his portrayal of Ferry and now delivers an even richer and more nuanced performance in this series. Lammers expertly captures Ferry’s complex character – his ambition, ruthlessness, and vulnerability come into play here.

An Engaging and compelling Narrative

“Ferry: The Series” explores the murky underbelly of the Dutch drug trade, depicting its violence, corruption, and human toll with precision. Additionally, this series doesn’t shy away from showing us Ferry’s life honestly and accurately, adding depth and authenticity to its narrative.

Character Development in an Act

Ferry is surrounded by an equally captivating cast, each with its agendas and motivations. His loyal allies and formidable foes add intrigue and complexity to his tale, creating a rich tapestry of relationships in the storyline.

Visual Delight

This series is visually breathtaking, perfectly capturing Brabant’s industrial landscape and the contrast between city streets and rural countryside. Cinematographer Stefan Golberg creates a thrilling yet tranquil atmosphere in his cinematography – both are essential ingredients of suspenseful storytelling.

Themes of Loyalty, Betrayal, and Ambition in Film Studies

At its heart, “Ferry: The Series” explores loyalty, betrayal, and ambition themes. Ferry’s rise to power comes at a significant cost in terms of allies and enemies he must navigate as part of his rise to power – while this series examines their consequences, emphasizing their moral complexities and further exploring ethical dilemmas associated with his decisions.

Anticipation for an Exciting Conclusion

“Ferry: The Series” has captured audiences with its realistic depictions, captivating characters, and gripping storylines. Combining action, suspense, and drama into its riveting narrative has kept fans eager for more – the conclusion will surely leave an unforgettable mark in Dutch crime drama history.

Will Ferry Bouman rise to become the ultimate drug kingpin?

Will Ferry Bouman become an undisputed drug kingpin remains to be seen. However, his series depicts his relentless ambition and ruthless tactics as evidence that he wants to reach the pinnacle. But Ferry’s drive for power comes with challenges and dangers, making his journey not always easy.

Will Ferry’s girlfriend, Danielle, discover the dark truth about his life?

Danielle’s current perception of Ferry is far removed from the reality of his criminal activities. Hence, as the series progresses, it’s possible that she could discover his involvement in drug dealing, and this discovery could have profound repercussions for their relationship as well as potentially shatter his carefully constructed facade.

Will Ferry’s loyalty to his brother-in-law, Lars, be tested?

Ferry and Lars share an unbreakable bond, with Lars being his loyal confidant throughout Ferry’s rise to power. However, as Ferry’s ambitions increase and drug trade stakes increase, their friendship may become strained as tensions in their relationship or potential conflicts or betrayals could emerge within their partnership. The series will examine this potential source of conflict or betrayal within their league.

Will Ferry’s rivalry with John Zwart escalate into an all-out war?

John Zwart and Ferry have a history of rivalry that dates back decades, which has only deepened as they vie for control of the drug trade. The series has already hinted at potential for an intensifying conflict between them; their animosity could even escalate into full-scale war with dire repercussions for both individuals and organizations involved.

Will Ferry’s past come back to haunt him?

Ferry has attempted to leave his criminal past behind him. Yet the series suggests that its repercussions may still have long-term ramifications, possibly including old enemies or unresolved conflicts that resurface, posing a threat to both Ferry’s present life and future dreams.