All 5 Final Destination Movies in Order- How to Watch?


Final Destination Movies in Order

If you love heart-pounding horror flicks, you may have seen at least one “Final Destination” film. These flicks follow two protagonists as they attempt to escape death and its mysterious ways. We will explore each instalment chronologically below; prepare yourself for an unpredictable ride through these films!

Introduction to the “Final Destination” Movie Series

Back in 2000, Jeffrey Reddick’s creative mind gave birth to the “Final Destination” movie series. The plot begins when high school student Alex Browning has an ominous premonition about an impending plane crash; with minimal success, he manages to get himself and his friends off that doomed flight without harming themselves. Little do they realize they have made death very angry indeed!

Final Destination Movies in Order

All Final Destination movies in Chronological order

  1. Final Destination (2000)
  2. Final Destination 2 (2003)
  3. Final Destination 3 (2006)
  4. The Final Destination (2009)
  5. Final Destination 5 (2011)
MovieRelease dateDurationBudgetBox officeWhere to watch
Final DestinationMarch 17, 200097 minutes$23 million$112 millionPrime Video, Amazon, Google Play, Vudu
Final Destination 2January 31, 200390 minutes$26 million$90 millionHBO Max, Amazon, Google Play, Vudu
Final Destination 3February 10, 200693 minutes$23 million$112 millionAmazon, Google Play, Vudu
The Final DestinationAugust 28, 200984 minutes$40 million$187 millionAmazon, Google Play, Vudu
Final Destination 5December 27, 201184 minutes$40 million$156 millionAmazon, Google Play, Vudu
Final Destination Movies in Order

Description on All the Final Destination Movies-

If you’re new to a series, one of the best ways to dive in is by watching each film chronologically. Let’s go through them one at a time.

Final Destination (2000)

Final Destination” begins as Alex Browning, an ordinary high school student, is about to embark on a school trip. But moments before taking off, he’s overcome by an unshakable vision of an imminent crash – prompting him to convince some friends to abandon the plane in panic and leave with him.

After being miraculously spared death in an aircraft crash, their relief is short-lived as they realize that death still threatens. One after another, survivors experience shocking incidents that push them closer and closer towards terror as an unseen force seeks out each one to take their place in death’s clutches – as though something intangible was trying to pull the plug on them and bring on death’s claws in its pursuit.

An epic, action-packed battle against time and destiny ensues as Alex and his friends attempt to outwit death itself and break free from its grip on them. It keeps viewers on edge while raising questions about life and death in society today.

Final Destination 2 (2003)

Final Destination 2” features an all-new cast of ordinary people caught up in fate. Their story begins in an unlikely way when an imminent highway pileup narrowly misses them due to a prophecy from someone with a prescient vision, saving their lives.

However, their relief quickly turns into fear when they realize destiny has other plans for them. One by one, these strangers find themselves embroiled in a series of horrific accidents that appear almost like cruel games; each time passes faster, they must band together against death’s unyielding grip and find ways to unmask its secrets to escape their fateful futures once and for all.

Final Destination 3 (2006)

Final Destination 3” follows Wendy Christensen, an average high school student enjoying a day trip to an amusement park with her friends. Their enjoyment takes an alarming turn when Wendy has a vision of an accident that’s about to occur on one of the roller coasters.

Wendy manages to escape a roller coaster ride, narrowly averting disaster. Unfortunately, their relief is short-lived: Wendy soon discovers that life after death is far more complex. Wendy’s premonition provides insight into an intricate web of danger that begins to claim more victims through shocking accidents eerily predicted in photos she took that fateful day.

While Wendy races against time to interpret these mysterious images and prevent further tragedies, we embark on an emotionally engaging and suspenseful journey filled with inventive death scenes and sequences that keep us at the edge of our seats.

The Final Destination (2009)

The Final Destination” follows Nick O’Bannon, an everyday guy who sees an unnerving vision of an imminent racetrack disaster. Acting instinctively, he manages to pull his friends to safety just in time to avert a potentially dire calamity about unfolding.

But their miraculous escape soon turns to horror as it becomes clear that dodging death’s clutches is no simple matter; Nick and his friends find themselves embroiled in a web of strange accidents more horrific than any before. On an epic race against time, they set off to unravel its mysterious cause, break free from fate’s grip, and take back their lives from fate’s cruel hand. An intense, suspense-filled journey ensues as they work towards altering their destinies and taking control of their lives from fate’s cruel grasp.

Final Destination 5 (2011)

Final Destination 5” follows a group of coworkers as they travel by bus towards a corporate retreat. While their bus becomes involved in a shocking bridge collapse, Sam Lawton experiences a premonition just minutes before it occurs – which allows him to save several of his coworkers and Molly before it happens.

Survival from such an ordeal should be cause for celebration; but soon afterward the survivors realize they’ve only postponed their fateful fate. Death begins chasing after them just as it would have had they perished during the bridge collapse, prompting Sam and his friends to desperately try and outwit her sinister plan – taking us on an intense and suspenseful journey as they grapple with what consequences arise from going against fate.

Unique Elements of the Franchise

The “Final Destination” series keeps audiences on edge with its mind-bending plot and surprise deaths that keep viewers guessing until the last frame. These films combine suspense, horror, and dark humor into an unforgettable, captivating cinematic experience.

Legacy of “Final Destination”

The impact of the “Final Destination” franchise on horror cinema is undeniable. The film series inspired numerous movies that explore themes related to death–often with creative twists–in an attempt to outwit it.

Watching Movies for Thrills

Whether you are an avid follower or simply indulging in some mindless cinematic fun, watching all three “Final Destination” films back-to-back will provide an exciting cinematic journey as each film takes you deeper into the lives of survivors vs. an unbeatable foe.

Future of the Franchise

While we still don’t know when or if another “Final Destination” film will be released, the concept remains timeless – opening up possibilities for further instalments that could surprise and delight audiences for years to come.


The “Final Destination” series offers an engaging cinematic adventure filled with suspense, carefully staged death scenes, and an unnerving sense of impending doom. These films have established themselves in horror cinema as must-watch fare for fans and newcomers alike.

Is there a new “Final Destination” movie on the horizon?

As of now, there’s no official word on a new installment.

What’s the most memorable death scene in the “Final Destination” series?

With so many creative deaths, it’s tough to pick just one, but the highway pileup scene in “Final Destination 2” is a fan favorite.

Are there hidden connections between the movies in the series?

Fans have come up with theories about recurring characters and subtle links, but part of the fun is interpreting them your own way.

What makes the “Final Destination” movies stand out from other horror flicks?

It’s the combination of suspense, imaginative deaths, and the unique concept of cheating death itself that sets these films apart.

Are the “Final Destination” movies suitable for casual horror movie viewers?

If you can handle the suspense and gruesome deaths, these films offer a gripping story that’s worth a watch for any horror enthusiast.