13 Best Movies Like 2012: Epic Apocalyptic Adventures


Movies Like 2012

Hello there, movie enthusiasts! If you’re like me and enjoy thrilling disaster flicks, chances are “2012” was an exhilarating ride. However, once experiencing how close our world came to end in that film, your taste for these types of stories grows even stronger; let’s embark on an exhilarating journey through some other sci-fi classics that’ll have your pulse racing!

MovieRelease DateDurationBudgetBox OfficeWhere to Watch
Dante’s Peak (1997)Feb 7, 19971h 48m$116M$178.1MAmazon Prime, iTunes
Volcano (1997)Apr 25, 19971h 44m$90M$122.8MAmazon Prime, iTunes
Deep Impact (1998)May 8, 19982h 1m$75M$349.5MAmazon Prime, iTunes
The Day After Tomorrow (2004)May 26, 20042h 4m$125M$544.3MAmazon Prime, iTunes
War of the Worlds (2005)Jun 29, 20051h 56m$132M$591.7MAmazon Prime, iTunes
Tidal Wave (2009)Jul 16, 20091h 54mN/AN/AAmazon Prime, iTunes
Arctic Blast (2010)Jul 1, 20101h 32mN/AN/AAmazon Prime, iTunes
2012: Ice Age (2011)Jun 28, 20111h 31mN/AN/AAmazon Prime, iTunes
This Is the End (2013)Jun 12, 20131h 47m$32M$126.5MAmazon Prime, iTunes
Into the Storm (2014)Aug 6, 20141h 29m$50M$161.3MAmazon Prime, iTunes
San Andreas (2015)May 29, 20151h 54m$110M$474MAmazon Prime, iTunes
Oceans Rising (2017)Jan 17, 20171h 27mN/AN/AAmazon Prime, iTunes
The Hurricane Heist (2018)Mar 9, 20181h 43m$35M$32.3MAmazon Prime, iTunes
Movies Like 2012
Movies Like 2012

Dante’s Peak (1997)

Imagine yourself back in 1997, at the time “Dante’s Peak” hit theaters. Not your typical disaster film, “Dante’s Peak” takes viewers on an exhilarating adventure that pits their nerves against an unpredictable volcano that is dormant but dangerous nonetheless.

Pierce Brosnan stars as a volcanologist on an urgent but perilous mission: warning a small town about an imminent volcanic eruption. What follows is an incredible story, keeping audiences on edge as tension builds between residents and potential danger.

“Dante’s Peak” is more than a movie; it’s an emotional journey of human courage and resilience against nature’s fury. For anyone who appreciates thrilling adventure with an emotional edge, “Dante’s Peak” should not be missed – reminding us of our fragility while simultaneously showing how resilient humans can be when their lives are on the line.

Volcano (1997)

Volcano,” a thrilling disaster movie set in Los Angeles that gripped viewers from start to finish. This riveting drama focuses on survival amidst this artificial catastrophe.

Imagine Tommy Lee Jones as the person in charge, trying to keep their composure as their city faces a volcanic eruption. Lava flows, ash clouds, and chaos become everyday occurrences – not exactly your typical day at work!

As you watch “Volcano,” you aren’t just watching; you are experiencing it along with its characters. Feel humanity’s heat, tension, bravery, and resilience that emerge even in times of chaos and tragedy. Don’t just watch it for entertainment; participate in “Volcano.” This is to be noticed by anyone interested in engaging in disaster and adventure films with an emotionally touching message!

Deep Impact (1998)

Imagine yourself on a hot summer evening in 1998, sitting down for “Deep Impact.” This unforgettable disaster film explores our greatest fears with heartbreak and emotion.

The plot? Earth is on the brink of an asteroid collision, and humanity’s survival hangs in the balance, but at its heart lie courageous individuals who refuse to give up and risk all to save as many lives before its devastating impact on Earth.

“Deep Impact” takes you on an emotional rollercoaster as part of its story arc, from action, drama, and the indomitable human spirit to compelling disaster films with human themes that leave viewers on edge. Don’t just watch; be part of its drama! If you enjoy engaging disaster and adventure movies with human themes, this one should make your list!

The Day After Tomorrow (2004)

The Day After Tomorrow” is one of those movies that will give you chills while making you appreciate a warm blanket more. Directed by Roland Emmerich, this nontraditional disaster flick takes viewers on an exciting ride as our planet rapidly plunges into an ice age.

Imagine Dennis Quaid as a passionate climatologist battling extreme weather chaos. Not only is he saving the world, he’s on a desperate mission to rescue his son. Every turn brings new emotions: the tension of survival and the warmth of fatherly affection.

Visual effects in “The Day After Tomorrow” are remarkable; you feel like you’re experiencing earth-shattering events first-hand. “The Day After Tomorrow” is more than a movie; it’s an adrenaline-pumping adventure that will leave you speechless and spellbound.

War of the Worlds (2005)

Imagine entering a movie theater in 2005 to watch “War of the Worlds,” directed by Steven Spielberg – and experiencing its unforgettable journey into unknown territory. Not just another sci-fi flick – an unforgettable experience awaits you here!

At the center of it all stands Tom Cruise, striving to protect his children from an alien invasion. It is not just fighting aliens; it is about the instinctual drive to shield those we care for from danger.

This movie doesn’t spare any excitement! From start to finish, your heart will pound with suspense as humanity fights to survive against technologically superior foes. Spielberg’s storytelling prowess and cutting-edge visual effects transport you into an exciting world where every second counts.

War of the Worlds” is not only an epic alien invasion film; it’s also a captivating tale about courage, family, and the unbreakable bonds we share as humans. If you like sci-fi with an emotional core, don’t miss this film – it will truly deliver!

Tidal Wave (2009)

Tidal Wave” isn’t your average disaster flick; it takes us into the heart of a South Korean coastal town as they confront a devastating tsunami.

Lifeguard David becomes an unlikely hero, while his family’s struggle for survival becomes the emotional core of this film. You won’t just watch; you’ll feel every wave and droplet as they encounter life and death at sea.

“Tidal Wave” isn’t simply about disaster; it’s also about the human spirit – courage, love, and the extraordinary lengths people go to protect those they care about. More than just another movie, “Tidal Wave” reminds us how strong we can be when facing life’s most daunting obstacles. This one should be noticed by fans of gripping disaster movies with an intimate human focus!

Arctic Blast (2010)

Imagine it is 2010, and you sit down to watch “Arctic Blast.” This movie is more than just another disaster flick; it depicts an unforgettable journey through which an extraordinary weather event transforms Australia into an icy wasteland.

The climatologist in this film isn’t simply academic; he’s also a father trying to save his family and, ultimately, the planet from an impending ice age. You won’t just watch; you’ll experience bone-numbing cold, desperation, and the strength of the human spirit that stands up to nature.

“Arctic Blast” isn’t simply about disaster but also human resilience in the face of seemingly overwhelming odds. The film explores themes such as family, courage, and taking extraordinary measures to protect loved ones when their world freezes over – ideal viewing for fans of engaging disaster and survival films with an emotional twist like this one!

2012: Ice Age (2011)

2012: Ice Age” is not your average disaster movie; rather, it takes viewers through an unpredictable journey as they discover what would happen if our planet suddenly plunged into an unprecedented ice age.

This story’s core is a family struggling to survive in a harsh world marked by extreme cold and natural disasters. It is not just about survival; this story explores love, courage, and sacrifice among family members during hardship.

“2012: Ice Age” takes you behind the scenes as an integral member of a family’s struggle, feeling its biting cold and tension and its determination to keep hope alive. More than just another movie, “2012: Ice Age” tells a captivating tale of human perseverance against an icy apocalypse. If you enjoy movies that combine disaster with human strength, this one should be added to your Netflix queue.

This Is the End (2013)

Imagine living in 2013 and watching “This Is the End.” Rather than your typical apocalyptic flick, this film provides a fun and humorous take on this genre.

At its heart lies an amazing cast: Seth Rogen, James Franco, and Jonah Hill are featured as exaggerated versions of themselves at a Hollywood party when things take a bizarre turn.

As chaos ensues, it’s hard not to laugh out loud as characters find themselves in outrageous circumstances while dealing with supernatural events and playing on their egos. “This Is the End” provides fresh air within the apocalyptic genre; its hilarious mixture of humor, satire, and absurdity all come together seamlessly – perfect if you enjoy laughing even during frightening times! Take it for its great message: humor can often help us cope during trying times!

Into the Storm (2014)

Imagine it’s the summer of 2014, and you’re relaxing for a viewing of “Into the Storm.” This disaster film takes viewers into the heart of an intense tornado outbreak with captivating, suspenseful scenes and riveting, suspenseful performances by John Turturro as you ride its rollercoaster.

The story follows a team of storm chasers, townsfolk, and a high school vice-principal as they encounter deadly tornadoes together. You’ll feel right alongside them as tension, fear, and indomitable human spirit arise before your eyes as you follow along on this thrilling ride!

“Into the Storm” doesn’t just explore nature’s strength; it also explores community spirit and courage when the world goes haywire. More than just a movie, “Into the Storm” serves as a reminder that even during times of chaos, people can come together with immense courage – making “Into the Storm” an absolute must-watch! For anyone interested in disaster flicks with a humanistic message.

San Andreas (2015)

San Andreas” arrives on theater screens. Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson steps into the spotlight for this emotional rollercoaster of a film.

It all begins with an earthquake on the San Andreas Fault. As it shakes loose, chaos and destruction ensue, yet hope remains.

Johnson stars as our fearless rescue pilot on an incredible personal mission: saving his family. You can’t help but cheer for him throughout this film, full of heart-thumping action, mind-blowing special effects, and an inspirational tale about humanity’s determination against nature’s fury.

“San Andreas” is more than just another disaster film; it’s an emotional tale about survival and family bonds – making this an absolute must-watch if you love action-packed adventures!

Oceans Rising (2017)

Oceans Rising” is more than just another sci-fi disaster movie; it is an emotionally gripping journey into a world where our oceans have turned against us.

This thrilling tale follows a group of scientists and survivors on an extraordinary mission – to prevent global catastrophe as waters rise and find an effective means of stopping it all. You will feel their urgency as they contend with nature’s unforgiving forces.

“Oceans Rising” isn’t simply about action and suspense; it also examines the human spirit and our tenacity in facing overwhelming obstacles. With characters determined to find ways, fight against the odds, and save their world despite incredible odds stacked against them, “Oceans Rising” is a testament to human resilience against overwhelming challenges. For disaster/science fiction fans with an affinity for humanity alike, “Oceans Rising” should be on your watchlist.

The Hurricane Heist (2018)

The Hurricane Heist” isn’t your standard action-thriller; it’s an exhilarating rollercoaster ride featuring intense hurricane winds coupled with the nail-biting tension of an impossible heist attempt.

As the hurricane rages and its force strikes a town, a group of daring robbers see an opportunity to stage the high-stakes heist of their lives. You don’t just watch; you are immersed in all the chaos – feeling its gusty winds, rain, and the thrill of high-stakes theft!

“The Hurricane Heist” isn’t simply about disaster and crime; it’s also an inspiring tale about survival, courage, and unexpected alliances that form against a catastrophic storm. Fans of action-packed movies with both genres and humanity should watch this one!


Few genres in cinema can match the drama and excitement of an apocalyptic or disaster movie like 2012; if you enjoyed its thrilling action and stunning special effects, similar titles offer more heart-pounding action scenes and compelling character studies about human resilience in times of great hardship.

Whether it be a sudden ice age, massive earthquake, alien invasion, or imminent asteroid collision, films like Apocalypse Now show us humanity’s greatest challenges first-hand. So grab some popcorn, sit tight, and immerse yourself in this amazing cinema genre!

And also, Be aware and Be kind to your environment. These kind of calamities or reaction occur in real life due to the destruction we do or of our actions. That’s it, be safe, have a great life & enjoy your movie night. Thank you

Are there any sequels to “2012”?

No, “2012” does not have any official sequels.

What is the appeal of disaster movies?

Disaster movies combine thrilling action with human drama, creating an emotional and captivating cinematic experience.

Who are some famous directors known for making disaster movies?

Roland Emmerich and Steven Spielberg are well-known directors in this genre.

Are there any disaster movies with a focus on space-related catastrophes?

Yes, movies like “Armageddon” and “Gravity” explore space-related disasters.

How do disaster movies use CGI and special effects to enhance the experience?

CGI and special effects create realistic and visually stunning depictions of catastrophic events, immersing the audience in the action.