All 5 Jaws Movies in order- A Shark Tale: Enjoy the thrill


Jaws Movies in order

Hey, movie buffs! Are you familiar with the legendary Jaws movies? If not, prepare to be amazed. Imagine massive sharks, suspenseful plots and nail-biting action; that is what the Jaws movie series is all about!

MovieRelease dateDurationBudgetBox officeWhere to watch
Jaws1975-06-20124 minutes$9 million$476.5 millionAmazon Prime Video, Apple TV, Google Play, YouTube
Jaws 21978-06-16117 minutes$20 million$208.9 millionAmazon Prime Video, Apple TV, Google Play, YouTube
Jaws 3-D1983-07-2298 minutes$25 million$82.4 millionAmazon Prime Video, Apple TV, Google Play, YouTube
Jaws: The Revenge1987-07-1798 minutes$35 million$83.8 millionAmazon Prime Video, Apple TV, Google Play, YouTube
Cruel Jaws1995-10-1385 minutes$5 million$10.1 millionN/A
Jaws Movies in order
Jaws Movies in order

Jaws (1975)

Summer brings sun-drenched beach days and carefree swimming for many on Amity, an idyllic island town. However, when terror strikes with a shark attack that scares an innocent swimmer to her death, everyone becomes gripped in fear, and chaos ensues.

Chief Martin Brody (Roy Scheider), an attentive father and husband played by Roy Scheider, stands as a frontline fighter to protect his community as attacks increase. Together with Matt Hooper (Richard Dreyfuss) and shark hunter Quint (Robert Shaw), they board Quint’s boat, Orca, to confront a massive great white shark causing mayhem.

This movie takes viewers on an exhilarating adventure filled with heart-stopping moments, spine-tingling music and terrifying encounters with an unforgiving sea predator. Tension builds as our three heroes confront it head-on before engaging in an intense showdown out on the open ocean – culminating in a nail-biting contest of wills and courage between themselves and it.

Jaws” was more than just a movie – it was an experience. The groundbreaking horror and suspense thriller revolutionized filmmaking with an unforgettable summer of fearful cinema. Even today, just hearing its name sends chills down our spines!

Jaws 2 (1978)

We find ourselves back in Amity Island town, where the sea breeze promises peace. However, an uneasiness exists which brings back old fears. “Jaws 2” begins and reignites the fear and suspense that once gripped our hearts.

Chief Brody, played by Roy Scheider, is haunted by memories of an enormous shark, which plagues him every time he ventures onto peaceful waters. After an unfortunate water skier is attacked inexplicably by this terrifying beast, Brody’s fears have returned – surely he knows it must have been born?

This time, danger strikes closer to home as a group of teenagers are exposed to an unpredictable predator while stranded at sea. Tension increases dramatically as Brody grapples with his responsibility to protect and battles this old foe again until their fight reaches a heart-pounding climax and leaves us breathless.

“Jaws 2” builds upon the tension, staying true to its terrifying predecessor in terms of tension-inducing suspense and reminding us that shadows from our past often cast long and frightening ripples into the present day.

Jaws 3-D (1983)

Begin the aquatic adventure that was “Jaws 3-D” by visualizing a sunny day at SeaWorld – an amusement park devoted to marine life – which features one or more awesome predators as part of an unforgettable aquatic theme park experience.

Our story begins breathtakingly: an enormous great white shark breaches our brand-new underwater tunnel complex at a park, creating chaos as this predator terrorizes visitors, turning a day of amusement into a fight for survival.

Michael Brody, son of Chief Brody from previous films, is at the centre of it. As Michael is immersed in marine mayhem and must fight against an unspeakably dangerous threat, staff and guests must unite against him and strive to reach safety before it’s too late!

“Jaws 3-D” stood out due to its groundbreaking 3D technology. More than just a movie, audiences felt fear at every splash from this thrilling thriller that kept audiences gripped until its conclusion. Although its reception varied between critics, its groundbreaking 3D technology and depiction of an epic shark forever ensured its place as part of the Jaws franchise memory.

Jaws: The Revenge (1987)

Let’s sail into “Jaws: The Revenge“. Here, Ellen Brody is convinced that sharks have come back for revenge after events that occurred years earlier that terrified her family.

As the story progresses, a massive great white shark with an appetite for revenge emerges as a threat, following Ellen from Amity Island to the Bahamas, where her family members become its targets.

Driven by love and determination to protect her loved ones, Ellen joins forces with a marine biologist on an epic quest against an aggressive shark. She tries to put an end to this aquatic vendetta.

Critics might have their reservations with “Jaws: The Revenge,” but one thing is for sure – “Jaws: The Revenge” keeps alive the fear and horror of deep sea creatures such as great white sharks, while at the same time telling a powerful family-driven narrative with elements of survival and revenge in it, making this chapter unforgettable in the thrilling saga of Jaws.

Cruel Jaws (1995)

Let’s dive into “Cruel Jaws“, an Italian film known for its unconventional storytelling. Picture this: Hampton Bay is a small coastal town beset by numerous shark attacks that spark fear and concern among residents.

And this is where it gets interesting: Bruno Mattei has directed an innovative movie in which scenes from classic shark flicks like “Jaws” and “Jaws 2,” among others, are mixed to form an original narrative arc – like an intricate film patchwork!

In this tale, a town’s mayor attempts to downplay attacks to keep tourists coming, while a group of locals led by marine biologist and his son take it upon themselves to combat these deadly sharks.

Now, here’s where things become confusing: “Cruel Jaws” was widely criticized due to its unconventional use of borrowed scenes, leading to legal issues and receiving criticism for lacking original content. Yet somehow, it also gained an unexpected fan base who appreciated its unexpected humor and unique storytelling approach – reminding us all that creativity takes many forms!

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Let’s talk pop culture!

Jaws is more than a movie; it has become part of everyday life with its unforgettable theme music and memorable quotes becoming part of our daily conversations.

Jaws Franchise Legacy

These movies defined the monster movie genre and explained what we know today as summer blockbusters! Imagine one giant shark changing how we view movies!

Ranking the Jaws Movies

Everyone struggles to pick their favorite “Jaws” film. While opinions differ, many consider the original Jaws as having made the most significant impact and lasting scare factor.

Behind the Scenes: The Making of Jaws

The making of Jaws was a fantastic journey that truly warrants recounting. From challenging shoots to groundbreaking effects, its creation made for an exciting ride worth taking.

Jaws Franchise Spin-offs and Related Media

And now Jaws’ adventures continue beyond movies with novels, video games and theme park attractions making up its entertainment legacy. The legendary shark has left its mark in all forms of media entertainment!

What’s Next for Jaws Remakes and Future Prospects

Are we hearing anything new regarding remakes of Jaws? Rumors of remakes keep us guessing; fans await with bated breath to see if Jaws is back.

Critical Reception and Awards

Critics were delighted, as were awards. The original Jaws film even won an Academy Award for Best Original Score – quite an accomplishment!

Cinematic Evolution of the Shark

Have you ever noticed how Jaws’ depictions of sharks have progressed over time? From mechanical sharks to CGI creatures, their portrayal has come a long way in cinema.

Jaws and Environmental Awareness

Surprisingly, Jaws unexpectedly influenced public perception of sharks; it increased fear and misconceptions, impacting conservation efforts worldwide.


And that’s it! The Jaws movies have made history, inspiring countless generations and becoming cultural phenomenon.

Is “Jaws” based on a true story?

The movie “Jaws” was influenced by a series of shark attacks in 1916 but is not a direct adaptation of a specific true story.

How many Jaws movies are there in total?

As of now, there are five main Jaws movies in the franchise, with no official announcements regarding additional sequels.

Which Jaws movie was the most successful at the box office?

The original “Jaws” (1975) remains the most financially successful movie in the Jaws franchise.

Are there any spin-offs of the Jaws franchise?

While there are no direct spin-offs, the franchise has inspired various related media, including novels and video games.

Are the Jaws movies suitable for all audiences?

The Jaws movies are typically rated PG-13 or R due to intense scenes of violence and suspense, making them more suitable for mature audiences.