Larry David First Wife: Laurie Ellen Lennard’s Life and Legacy


Larry David First Wife

Although Larry David’s fictional marriage on “Curb Your Enthusiasm” might present a one-sided portrayal, his real-life marriage to Laurie Lennard spanned 14 years until its end in 2007. Not only were their marital woes depicted on screen, but their partnership was marked by deep collaboration, mutual respect, and the shared goal of making positive contributions to humanity. Let’s move beyond Hollywood representations to explore her diverse life and activism!

Larry David First Wife

From Long Island to Hollywood

Laurie Ellen Lennard was raised in Long Island with her middle-class Jewish family. She graduated from Tufts University as a producer/writer before heading off to Hollywood, where she co-produced An Inconvenient Truth and Al Gore as co-producer.

Meeting Larry and Marriage

Laurie and Larry first met through mutual friends in 1987. Although initially at odds, they eventually connected over shared humor and intelligence and eventually married in 1993 with two daughters – Cazzie and Romy. “Curb Your Enthusiasm” inspired their lives but often misrepresented the true nature of their relationship – as Laurie later described their marriage as more loving and respectful than what the show depicted.

Beyond the Domestic Sphere

Laurie continued her Hollywood career while becoming increasingly active in environmental activism. Inspired by a childhood immersed in nature, Laurie became an advocate for protecting it; eventually, this led her to co-found “The Climate Reality Project” with Al Gore to increase its impact further.

Collaboration and Impact

Even during their divorce, Laurie and Larry managed to maintain an amicable relationship, working on various joint projects together. Both became contributor bloggers for The Huffington Post, using this platform as advocates for various causes; Larry focused on social commentary, while Laurie addressed environmental concerns to emphasize climate change action.

Expanding Her Work

Laurie has expanded her activism beyond climate change. She serves on both the Natural Resources Defense Council and Children’s Nature Institute boards, is on their advisory boards, and has written several books, such as “Imagine It! A Handbook for a Happier Planet”. She co-produced “Fed Up,” a documentary exploring the root causes of obesity in America.

A Life Beyond Larry

Laurie Remarried Robert F. Kennedy Jr. in 2012 and remains an outspoken proponent for environmental protection and social justice issues, using Laurie’s voice and influence to inspire change and positive outcomes.


While Laurie David may be best known as Larry David’s partner on Curb Your Enthusiasm, her accomplishments should also be recognized. Laurie David is a successful producer, writer, and environmental activist whose contributions to various causes are significant. Her story proves the power of individual action to make an impactful statement about change within society.

By understanding the honest Laurie David, we gain a more in-depth perspective of a woman who has created her path, leaving an impact far beyond his comedy persona.

Can you elaborate on Laurie David’s environmental activism beyond the mentioned documentaries?

Sure! Laurie has been actively involved in various campaigns and organizations. She co-founded “Stop Global Warming,” collaborated with notable celebrities to promote environmental causes, and serves on the boards of several environmental groups.

Are there other books written by Laurie David besides “Imagine It!”?

Yes, she has authored several books, including “Stop Global Warming: The Solution Is You!” and “My Life as a Road Warrior.”

Can you share more about Laurie David’s daughters and their careers?

Both daughters have achieved success in their respective fields. Cazzie David is a well-known writer, actress, and director, while Romy David is involved in filmmaking. However, respecting their privacy, it’s important to maintain focus on Laurie’s individual accomplishments.

Can you provide a list of awards and recognitions Laurie David has received?

Absolutely! Laurie has been honored with numerous awards for her environmental activism and filmmaking, including the Primetime Emmy Award for Outstanding Documentary or Nonfiction Special for “An Inconvenient Truth.”