Leave The World Behind Movie(2023): Tale of Trust & Betrayal


Leave The World Behind Movie
  • Release date: December 8, 2023 (Netflix)
  • Director: Sam Esmail
  • Cast:
    • Julia Roberts
    • Mahershala Ali
    • Ethan Hawke
    • Myha’la Herrold
    • Kevin Bacon
Leave The World Behind Movie

Leave the World Behind is a new Netflix film featuring Julia Roberts, Mahershala Ali, Ethan Hawke, Myha’la Herrold and Kevin Bacon that tells an unnerving tale of trust and betrayal. A family on vacation in an isolated rental house are disturbed when a mysterious couple inform them that there has been an electrical blackout around the globe.

As tensions arise and reality sets in, the family finds itself forced to confront the possibility that everything they thought they knew about life may not be true. With their beliefs challenged and identities under scrutiny, the family struggles to maintain composure while simultaneously trying to decide whom they can trust.

Leave the World Behind is an exquisitely crafted film that explores themes of paranoia, fear and human violence. Additionally, the film provides a thoughtful meditation on reality as well as family ties.

A Compelling Cast

Leave the World Behind boasts a stellar cast led by Julia Roberts and Mahershala Ali. Roberts shines as Amanda, forced to confront her prejudices and assumptions, while Ali stands out as Clay – struggling to protect his family against an unstable environment.

Ethan Hawke and Myha’la Herrold both play excellent supporting roles, with Hawke playing Clay’s husband while Herrold is their teenage daughter. Kevin Bacon makes an unforgettable cameo as the mysterious owner of Clay’s rental home.

A Disturbing Tale

Leave the World Behind is both disturbing and captivating at the same time. It does an outstanding job of creating suspense and tension throughout its running time, keeping its audience guessing all the way until its final scene.

The film also explores complex issues, such as the nature of reality and family ties; when life seems uncertain, all that really matters are those you love most.

Why You Should Watch Leave the World Behind

Leave the World Behind is an impressive and thought-provoking film, boasting an outstanding cast, captivating story, and troubling yet important themes. If you want an experience that will stay with you long after viewing, Give Leave the World Behind a look – you won’t be disappointed!

Here are a few more reasons to watch Leave the World Behind:

  • Sam Esmail is best known for directing the critically acclaimed television show Mr. Robot. In this film, he takes on another challenging but rewarding directorial job.
  • This film is adapted from Rumaan Alam’s best-selling novel of the same name.
  • Higher Ground Productions, owned by Barack and Michelle Obama, produced this film.


Leave the World Behind is an unmissable film for fans of suspenseful dramas, thought-provoking movies and well-made cinema. This powerful piece will stay with you long after viewing has concluded.

Is Leave the World Behind a good movie?

Yes, Leave the World Behind is an engaging and thrilling film with an impressive cast, captivating storyline, and powerful yet troubling themes.

Is Leave the World Behind scary?

Leave the World Behind is an intense suspense movie that does not strictly adhere to traditional horror genres. Instead, its focus lies more on exploring the psychological effects of fear and paranoia rather than cheap thrills and bloodshed.

Is Leave the World Behind based on a true story?

No, Leave the World Behind isn’t based on a true story; however, its themes (climate change and infrastructure failure) do reflect real-world concerns.

When can I watch Leave the World Behind?

Leave the World Behind was released on Netflix on December 8, 2023.