Hurricane Season (2023): The Brutal Mexican Drama


Hurricane Season (2023)

Release Date: November 1, 2023 (United States)

Director: Elisa Miller


  • Fátima Molina as Jazmín
  • José Miguel Silva as Esteban
  • Aida López as Mónica
  • Juan Manuel Bernal as Manuel
  • Norma Angélica as Doña Cata
  • José Antonio Becerra as Tío Tomás

Production Company: Woo Films

Distributor: Netflix

Hurricane Season (2023)

About Hurricane Season

Hurricane Season, directed by Elisa Miller and based on Fernanda Melchor’s novel of the same name, tells the tale of four teenagers living in a small town beset by poverty and violence. When one discovers the body of a local witch floating in a canal, their life becomes enveloped in an intricate web of secrets and lies.

Hurricane Season is a hard-hitting yet unflinching film, unafraid to depict the harsh realities of life in Mexico’s rural regions. Shot realistically and grimy-style and features some truly disturbing violent scenes. But at its heart lies an enchanting and poetic film offering unique perspectives on human existence.

Hurricane Season features four teenage protagonists who are all well-developed characters, all struggling to find stability in an often hostile and unforgiving world. It does not judge its characters but instead offers an in-depth, compassionate, and understanding look into their lives.

Elisa Miller has stated that Hurricane Season was inspired by Mexico’s high rates of violence and poverty. Her goal was to create a movie that accurately represented life there without sensationalizing or exploiting it; additionally, she wanted to explore themes like violence, poverty, and redemption through its narrative.


  • Violence: Hurricane Season is an intensely reflective film on violence. The film explores its destructive potential on individuals as well as collectives; physical, emotional, and structural forms of violence all play key roles.
  • Poverty: Hurricane Season is another film about poverty that explores its effects, from desperation and violence to criminality and restricted opportunities and choices for its participants.
  • Redemption: Hurricane Season is an exploration of redemption. It shows that hope and redemption can still exist even amid life’s most trying circumstances, examining different approaches people use to find it, including love, forgiveness, and community support.


  • Jazmin (Fatima Molina): Jazmin serves as the protagonist in Hurricane Season, depicting a teenage girl trying to survive in an often hostile and inconsiderate world. Her character is both strong and vulnerable at once – determined to find a better life for herself.
  • Esteban (Jose Miguel Silva): Esteban is one of the teen protagonists in Hurricane Season and is involved with drug distribution locally. Although violent at times, his character remains complex. Esteban seeks an identity through acceptance.
  • Monica (Aida Lopez): Monica is a young mother attempting to raise her daughter in an increasingly violent and uncertain environment. Although Monica seems helpless and distant at times, she remains strong and resourceful – determined to protect her daughter as well as be an icon of hope in an otherwise hopeless world.
  • Manuel (Juan Manuel Bernal): Manuel is a local police officer investigating the murder of a witch. Manuel is an engaging character who balances between being pragmatic and idealistic while searching for justice in an often corrupt world.


Hurricane Season is an impactful and disturbing film that offers a compelling perspective on the human condition. Unflinching in its portrayal of violence and poverty, yet exquisitely made and poetic at times, Hurricane Season should not be missed by anyone interested in Mexican cinema or contemporary social issues.

Is Hurricane Season based on a true story?

Hurricane Season is inspired by Fernanda Melchor’s novel of the same name, which offers a fictionalized account of real events.

Is Hurricane Season a horror movie?

Although Hurricane Season does not fall under the typical horror movie umbrella, it does provide an intense and disturbing viewing experience with graphic scenes of violence.

Is Hurricane Season worth watching?

Hurricane Season is a powerful and well-made film, but it may not be right for everyone. The depiction of violence and poverty may be confronting; if you prefer films that challenge and provoke thought-provokingly, then Hurricane Season should definitely be considered a worthwhile watch.

Will Hurricane Season be getting a sequel?

There currently needs to plan for Hurricane Season to receive a sequel; however, director Elisa Miller has indicated she may consider making another film should its first one prove popular with audiences.