Lynne Marta Husband: The Complexities of Her Love Life


Lynne Marta Husband

Lynne Marta was best known for her roles in “Footloose” and “Three Men and a Little Lady.” Yet, her personal life, especially romantic relationships, often seemed clouded in ambiguity and complexity. This article examines known facts, speculation surrounding Lynne Marta’s husband, David Soul (of Starsky & Hutch fame), and any subtleties that defy categorization.

Lynne Marta Husband

The First Chapter: Marriage to Brick Huston

Marta made her first foray into marriage with Brick Huston, another actor. They began their union in 1968 but soon split apart seven years later due to unknown reasons, yet this event began an unpredictable storyline that would follow Marta throughout her life.

Enter David Soul: A Love Story with an Open Door

People magazine sent shockwaves through the entertainment world in 1983 when it published an explosive expose about Marta and actor David Soul (known for playing Kenny Hutch on “Starsky & Hutch”). Their article described their unconventional romance that depicted an “open relationship,” something rarely reported at that time in mainstream media outlets. It painted an intimate relationship between two people open to exploring other romantic avenues while remaining deeply attached.

Their relationship defied easy definition, however. Though they cohabited and appeared together publicly, they weren’t legally married. Marta often referred to Soul as her “partner,” emphasizing its liberating qualities for both parties. While some viewed this dynamic as modern love, others saw its stability and commitment levels as questionable.

Marta became witness to actress Rebecca Schaeffer’s murder in 1989 – although Soul, at that time struggling with addiction, wasn’t present – which placed additional strain on their already tenuous partnership. The trauma associated with this event undoubtedly had lasting repercussions for them both.

Beyond the Headlines: A Life Lived on Her Own Terms

Marta maintained her privacy despite tabloid headlines and public scrutiny; she continued her career by appearing in films and television shows until her retirement in 2003. Though Marta never publicly addressed details of her relationship with Soul, it’s evident that their partnership extended far beyond conventional definitions of marriage; instead, it was founded upon mutual respect, understanding, and the desire for personal growth.

Marta became an enigma over time, seldom appearing in public and giving limited interviews. Her lack of presence fueled speculation about her marital status and personal well-being while serving as evidence that she wanted to lead a life on her terms outside the gaze of paparazzi photographers.

A Legacy of Love and Complexity

Lynne Marta’s love life was as varied and complex as her acting career, defying traditional labels, embracing unconventional forms of commitment, and remaining deeply personal. While details surrounding Lynne Marta’s relationships remain somewhat hidden, her story provides a window into an existence led by courage, independence, and an appetite to challenge societal norms.

Focusing solely on Marta’s marital status or relationship with Soul would be to overlook all the rich and complex elements in her life, including being an accomplished actress and trauma survivor and choosing happiness on her own terms. Her story offers room for interpretation while serving as a reminder that love can often be complicated, uncertain, and individualistic.


Lynne Marta’s love life was an intricate web of tradition, rebellion, and unwavering self-acceptance that challenged conventional narratives but ultimately illustrated the beauty of living on one’s terms. Though some details may remain mysterious to us now, its lessons regarding love, courage, and individuality remain undeniable.

Was Lynne Marta ever married?

Yes, Lynne Marta was married once to actor Brick Huston from 1968 to 1975.

Who was Lynne Marta’s long-term partner?

After her divorce, Marta had a long-term relationship with actor David Soul, known for his role in “Starsky & Hutch.” Their relationship was described as an “open relationship.”

Did Lynne Marta and David Soul ever get married?

No, there is no record of Marta and Soul ever getting married, despite their long-term partnership.

Did Lynne Marta marry later in life?

No, Marta did not remarry after her divorce from Brick Huston. However, she had a significant relationship with David’s son, Anthony Keating, later in her life.

How long was Lynne Marta with Anthony Keating?

The exact timeframe of Marta’s relationship with Anthony Keating is not publicly known. However, it is known that they had a close and loving relationship for several years before her passing.

Was Anthony Keating younger than Lynne Marta?

Yes, Anthony Keating was younger than Lynne Marta.

Was Lynne Marta in any other significant relationships?

Apart from her marriage to Brick Huston and her partnership with David Soul, Marta’s private life remains largely unknown. She was known to have close friends and colleagues, but details about other romantic relationships are not publicly available.