The Story of Margot Robbie Husband, Tom Ackerley


Margot Robbie Husband

Margot Robbie, an Australian actress acclaimed for her roles in such movies as The Wolf of Wall Street, I, Tonya, and Suicide Squad, is celebrated for her talent, charisma, and dedication to her craft. But behind closed doors and red carpets lies an intimate and supportive partnership between Margot and her husband, Tom Ackerley.

Robbie Ackerley is not always at the center of attention, yet his influence over Robbie’s life and career cannot be denied. Their love story, built on shared dreams and mutual respect, serves as proof that partnerships can survive even the harsh world of Hollywood.

Margot Robbie Husband

From Set to Sweethearts: A Love Story Forged on Film

Robbie first encountered Ackerley in 2013 on the set of Suite Francaise, an epic World War II drama set during and following World War II. Robbie, fresh off of her success in The Wolf of Wall Street, was cast as Robbie; Ackerley worked as an assistant director. A spark ignited, and soon enough, their romance flourished amid period costumes and wartime atmosphere.

Their connection extended far beyond physical attraction; they shared a deep appreciation for storytelling and an in-depth knowledge of film industry complexities and pressures. Ackerley provided Robbie with guidance during demanding shoots while supporting her through fame’s rollercoaster ride.

In 2014, their relationship further deepened as they co-founded LuckyChap Entertainment, a production company dedicated to female-driven projects. Not only did this venture fuel their creative ambitions, but it also cemented their status as equal partners, both professionally and personally.

A Quiet Power Couple: Supporting Each Other’s Success

Robbie and Ackerley have always preferred keeping their relationship private, opting for intimate ceremonies without media scrutiny. Instead, their work speaks for itself, and fans appreciate how the couple has shown genuine dedication and passion towards one another’s dreams.

Robbie Ackerley may operate mostly behind the scenes as a producer, yet Robbie’s career choices can still feel his impactful influence. Ackerley has championed her desire to portray strong female roles through projects like I, Tonya, and Promising Young Woman, which break stereotypes while creating meaningful dialogue.

Robbie has always been a strong proponent of Ackerley’s work, championing his successes and appreciating his dedication to filmmaking. Their mutual admiration is palpable; their mutual trust allows both of them to flourish both individually and as part of a team.

Beyond the Spotlight: Building a Life Together

Robbie and Ackerley strive to maintain some sense of normalcy in their lives despite their hectic careers, choosing London as their base far from Hollywood hustle and enjoying quiet moments together by walking their dogs, hosting intimate dinner parties, or simply relaxing together at home, enjoying simple joys that balance their high-profile lives.

Their commitment to privacy extends into their family life as well. While they haven’t confirmed it publicly yet, rumors indicate they welcomed their first child in 2022, further cementing their bond and adding joyousness and excitement to their relationship.

A Love Story that Inspires: Lessons from Margot Robbie and Tom Ackerley

Margot Robbie and Tom Ackerley serve as an inspiring reminder that love can flourish even under intense scrutiny. Together, they have built a life based on mutual respect, shared dreams, and deep knowledge of each other’s worlds – showing that true love can thrive even amid public scrutiny. At the same time, often, great stories emerge not in Hollywood movies but from everyday moments in our own lives.

Robbie and Ackerley offer an inspiring example of lasting love beyond celebrity gossip or fleeting romances, providing us with an alternative view of love and partnership. Their relationship stands as proof that genuine connection, shared values, and unwavering support can create the basis for lasting happiness far beyond any momentous events in front of a camera lens.

As they continue their journey together through Hollywood’s highs and lows, we know Margot Robbie and Tom Ackerley’s tale will continue. Their ongoing partnership is a testament to love, partnership, and believing in one another’s dreams – an inspirational testament.

When did Margot Robbie and Tom Ackerley meet?

Margot Robbie and Tom Ackerley met in 2013 on the set of the World War II drama Suite Française. Robbie was playing the lead role, while Ackerley was working as an assistant director.

How did they start dating?

Sparks flew between Robbie and Ackerley on set, and they soon began dating. Their shared passion for storytelling and understanding of the film industry helped to solidify their bond.

When did they get married?

Robbie and Ackerley got married in a private ceremony in Australia in December 2015. They have kept the details of their wedding private, but it is reported that it was a small and intimate affair with close friends and family.

Do they have children?

There have been rumors that Robbie and Ackerley welcomed a child in 2022, but they have not publicly confirmed this. They are very private about their personal lives and have not shared any details about their family.

How does Tom Ackerley support Margot Robbie’s career?

Ackerley is a film producer, and he has supported Robbie’s career in a number of ways. He has helped her to choose projects, and he has also produced several of her films, including I, Tonya and Promising Young Woman.

How does Margot Robbie support Tom Ackerley’s career?

Robbie has been a vocal supporter of Ackerley’s work as a producer. She has often spoken about his talent and dedication to filmmaking, and she has also promoted his films on social media.