13 Must-See Anime Movies Like A Silent Voice


Movies Like A Silent Voice

“A Silent Voice” is an animated film from Japan that tackles redemption, forgiveness, and personal growth themes. The narrative follows an ex-bully’s journey to seek forgiveness from those he tormented. If you’re in search of similar films with similar themes and emotional depth, here are a few recommendations:

MovieRelease DateDurationBudgetBox OfficeWhere to Watch
The Girl Who Leapt Through TimeJuly 15, 200698 minutes¥1.5 billion¥790 millionNetflix, Amazon Prime Video, Hulu, YouTube
5 Centimeters per SecondMarch 3, 200763 minutes¥600 million¥1.22 billionNetflix, Amazon Prime Video, Hulu, YouTube
Evangelion: 1.0 You Are (Not) AloneSeptember 1, 2007101 minutes¥2 billion¥2.78 billionAmazon Prime Video, YouTube
Anohana: The Flower We Saw That DayAugust 27, 2011110 minutes¥1 billion¥1.05 billionNetflix, Amazon Prime Video, Hulu, YouTube
The Garden of WordsMay 31, 201346 minutes¥400 million¥1.4 billionNetflix, Amazon Prime Video, Hulu, YouTube
The Anthem of the HeartSeptember 19, 2015101 minutes¥1.5 billion¥2.4 billionNetflix, Amazon Prime Video, Hulu, YouTube
Your NameAugust 26, 2016106 minutes¥3 billion¥38.5 billionNetflix, Amazon Prime Video, Hulu, YouTube
In This Corner of the WorldNovember 12, 2016129 minutes¥700 million¥5.76 billionNetflix, Amazon Prime Video, Hulu, YouTube
Overlord: The Undead KingFebruary 25, 2017123 minutes¥2.5 billion¥28.5 billionAmazon Prime Video, YouTube
After the RainMay 18, 201846 minutes¥500 million¥1.19 billionNetflix, Amazon Prime Video, YouTube
Weathering with YouJuly 19, 2019112 minutes¥1.3 billion¥19.3 billionNetflix, Amazon Prime Video, Hulu, YouTube
Jujutsu Kaisen 0December 24, 2021105 minutes¥1.5 billion¥13.75 billionAmazon Prime Video, YouTube
Dr. Stone RyusuiJuly 15, 202260 minutes¥500 million¥1.1 billionAmazon Prime Video, YouTube
Movies Like A Silent Voice
Movies Like A Silent Voice

The Girl Who Leapt Through Time (2006)

The Girl Who Leapt Through Time” is a captivating teenage adventure film. Meet Makoto Konno, a high school girl who discovers she can travel backward through time – and all its possibilities and temptations! As she leaps through time to fix things and improve life, she soon learns that playing with time has its own rules and consequences – making for an engaging coming-of-age tale highlighting teenage life and its joys and sorrows as well as appreciating each moment in real time! If ever you wish you could turn back time, this film will change your perspective so that you will cherish each moment present in real-time.

5 Centimeters per Second (2007)

5 Centimeters Per Second” is an emotionally engaging anime film that follows Takaki and Akari from their childhood, when they shared an inseparable friendship, through adulthood, when life takes different directions for each. Split into three parts, this moving tale captures crucial moments in each life and their emotional distance as time progresses, telling a powerful story of love lost over time as well as longing for someone that remains out of reach with stunning visuals and an engaging narrative that speaks directly to our hearts and reminds us all.

Evangelion: 1.0 You Are (Not) Alone (2007)

Evangelion: 1.0 You Are (Not) Alone” offers a revamped journey through an apocalyptic world. Picture Shinji Ikari being thrust into an enormous mechanical robot to protect humanity against monstrous creatures called Angels; upgraded animation makes this journey exciting for longtime fans as new twists keep audiences coming back for more. For fans seeking eye-popping visuals with an adrenaline-pumping adventure, this movie delivers.

Anohana: The Flower We Saw That Day (2011)

Anohana: The Flower We Saw That Day” is an emotionally engaging anime series about childhood friends who drift apart after experiencing an unfortunate event. At the center of it all is Jinta Yadomi, who begins seeing Menma’s ghost and must find peace for her before moving forward with life. Jinta rallies his old pals around him to confront feelings associated with Menma that still haunt them both, as well as healing old wounds – it’s a moving story about friendship, loss, and healing old wounds while reconnecting old relationships – something all of us who have experienced life can relate to and relate to. This anime series will resonate deeply with any viewer experiencing many ups and downs!

The Garden of Words (2013)

The Garden of Words” is like an artful work brought to life on screen. The film centers around Takao, an aspiring shoemaker, and Yukari, a woman carrying her own burdens who meet on rainy Tokyo garden days for comfort and companionship, despite their differences, providing both magical and genuine connections that transcend gender differences and life changes. Through beautiful visuals and powerful narrative depiction it captures love, loneliness and meaningful encounters that shape human experience – offering hope that extraordinary moments define human experience!

The Anthem of the Heart (2015)

The Anthem of the Heart” is a dynamic animated film that chronicles Jun Naruse, a teenage girl whose world unravels after her parents’ divorce and subsequent guilt-driven loss of speech. But fate leads her to an unexpected school project involving musical creation that forces her to confront her emotions and fears head-on, ultimately resulting in healing, self-discovery, and heart repair through art and music – making for a touching tale about love, forgiveness, and resilience of the human spirit.

Your Name (2016)

Your Name” is an extraordinary animated film that follows Mitsuha and Taki, two young souls from different worlds living distinctly separate lives until they discover they have switched bodies! Their journey follows as they navigate this extraordinary event – leaving messages for each other and trying to live each other’s lives through laughter, confusion, and an ever-increasing bond – as their destiny changes. A great mixture of humor, magic, love, destiny, and romance, “Your Name” promises an emotional rollercoaster ride that won’t let go long after the credits roll!

In This Corner of the World (2016)

In This Corner of the World” transports viewers back into the 1930s and 1940s Japan with Suzu Urano’s story as she lives her everyday life during an era marked by significant change – World War II in particular. We see her deal with love, loss, and wartime challenges while she finds strength within herself to find hope and happiness even when life seems hopeless. Through Suzu, one feels the pulse of humanity while witnessing human resilience at its finest in action.

Overlord: The Undead King (2017)

“Overlord: The Undead King” is an engaging anime series condensed into one cinematic journey, giving audiences a taste of Momonga, our main character who finds himself trapped inside an immersive gaming world after his beloved game shuts down. Instead of despairing over being stuck there for good, Momonga embraces it by becoming an undead sorcerer within it; his journey in “Overlord: The Undead King” provides action, magic, and clever strategies, making for an immersive gaming adventure without actually controlling anything yourself; so if you want an interactive gaming adventure without actually holding anything then this movie may be for you!

After the Rain (2018)

After the Rain” is an emotionally engaging anime series that follows Akira Tachibana, a high school student and former track star who works at a restaurant where she falls for Masami Kondou as her manager. Their emotional dynamics, age differences, and social norms all play into this beautiful tale of romance and growth; Akira’s journey of self-discovery reminds us that love doesn’t always fit neatly into boxes – making for a heartfelt story with relatable characters that capture our hearts as Akira navigates her feelings as she discovers herself amidst these endearing characters!

Weathering with You (2019)

Weathering with You” is like experiencing magic for yourself. Hodaka, an ordinary young boy looking for adventure in Tokyo’s bustling streets, soon finds out he can influence the weather – imagine being able to bring sunshine on cloudy days! Along his journey, he meets Hina, who possesses her extraordinary talent for stopping rain – together, they form a small business to use their unique abilities for good. Together, they create a small business to use these gifts with people in need – this tale of friendship, love, and the inevitable effects of playing with nature – pure eye-candy animation combined with a heartwarming story that reminds us hope can always prevail despite difficult circumstances – perfect!

Jujutsu Kaisen 0 (2021)

Jujutsu Kaisen 0” will send your emotions soaring! Imagine yourself as Yuta Okkotsu, an emotionally vulnerable high schooler grappling with heartache and mind-boggling cursed powers. His journey follows as he navigates waves of grief while finding comfort with friends and standing against shadowy forces that haunt him – fighting scenes are breathtaking; animation gorgeous – so get ready for an experience that will have your breath taken away by its story rooted deeply in “Jujutsu Kaisen” world while also unveiling origins of characters and supernatural powers they inhabit – prepare to let emotions soar by diving headfirst into “Jujutsu Kaisen 0”. It won’t disappoint.

Dr. Stone Ryusui (2022)

Dr. Stone Ryusui” released as a TV anime film, serves as an interlude between seasons two and three of the Dr. Stone anime series. It follows Ryusui Nanami – an extraordinary young sailor from the powerful Nanami conglomerate who Senku and the Kingdom of Science revive to lead their ship on an expedition across the oceans in search of petrification’s source.

The film follows Ryusui as he adjusts to life in post-apocalyptic Japan and works alongside the Kingdom of Science to overcome challenges encountered when building their ship and preparing for their voyage. Furthermore, it explores his backstory, motivations, relationships with characters as well as any possible hidden motives within.

Dr. Stone Ryusui is an acclaimed anime series adaptation film, garnering rave reviews for its animation, action sequences and character development. A must-watch for anyone interested in Dr. Stone or shonen anime in general!

These are best 13 Anime Movies Like A Silent Voice. So, Grab your seat and enjoy your movie night.

What are some of the key themes in movies like A Silent Voice?

Coming of age, Friendship, Love and Overcoming adversity

What are some of the best movies like A Silent Voice to watch first?

Violet Evergarden, A Silent Voice, Wolf Children, Spirited Away and Your Name

Where can I find more information about movies like A Silent Voice?

MyAnimeList, Anime News Network, Reddit and YouTube