15 Best Movies Like Flipped That Will Melt Your Heart


Movies like Flipped

“Flipped,” directed by Rob Reiner and one of those rare gems that effortlessly achieve this, can bring warmth to our hearts and smiles to our faces. If this movie left you wanting more heartwarming goodness? No problem; here we explore a selection of movies with similar emotional appeal that offer journeys filled with nostalgia, innocence and youthful romance – not unlike “Flipped“.

MovieRelease dateDurationBudgetBox officeWhere to watch
Bridge to TerabithiaFebruary 16, 2007105 minutes$50 million$124.8 millionHulu, Disney+
She’s All ThatJanuary 19, 199997 minutes$17 million$100.5 millionHBO Max, Hulu
Drive Me CrazyFebruary 25, 199998 minutes$20 million$60.1 millionTubi, Pluto TV
Eighth GradeJuly 28, 201885 minutes$5 million$31.2 millionHulu
JunoDecember 18, 200796 minutes$7.5 million$238.7 millionHulu, HBO Max
Moonrise KingdomMay 25, 201294 minutes$16 million$64.6 millionHBO Max, Hulu
Booky’s CrushFebruary 12, 200995 minutes$1.5 million$1.9 millionN/A
Measure of a ManSeptember 14, 2018104 minutes$10 million$10.5 millionNetflix
The Spectacular NowMarch 22, 201396 minutes$2.5 million$11.9 millionHulu, Amazon Prime Video
The Man in the MoonAugust 8, 199193 minutes$10 million$49.3 millionHBO Max
Little ManhattanFebruary 10, 200592 minutes$10 million$17.3 millionAmazon Prime Video
My GirlJune 18, 199190 minutes$10 million$80.8 millionHBO Max
The Kissing BoothMay 11, 2018109 minutes$19 million$199.3 millionNetflix
Candy JarFebruary 2, 201887 minutes$2 million$0.7 millionN/A
The Perks of Being a WallflowerSeptember 21, 2012103 minutes$16 million$33.6 millionHulu, HBO Max
Movies like Flipped

The Enchantment of “Flipped”

1. Travel Back In Time

“Flipped” provides us with a wonderful trip down memory lane through the 1950s and 60s, perfectly capturing their essence as cinematic treasures for those longing to recall an earlier era.

2. Innocence and Simplicity

Bryce and Juli’s characters navigate the complex nuances of young love with an approachable simplicity that appeals to viewers of all ages. Their honest emotions provide a welcome respite from our modern lives.

3. Themes of Friendship and Family

“Flipped” doesn’t just explore young romance; it also highlights the significance of friendship and family bonds that make it universally appealing and relatable for a wide audience.

Movies like Flipped

Movies That Capture the Magic of “Flipped”

Now let’s explore a selection of heartwarming movies that capture the magic and charm of “Flipped.”

“Bridge to Terabithia” (2007)

Like “Flipped,” “Bridge to Terabithia” delves deep into the friendship between Jess and Leslie. Set against a small-town backdrop, this film perfectly captures childhood fantasy world and its soothing power.

“She’s All That” (1999)

“She’s All That” is an irresistibly romantic teen comedy film, taking you on an exhilarating rollercoaster ride through high school drama. A popular jock takes up a bet to turn an ordinary girl into prom queen; along the way you will experience laughter, romance and makeover magic as this film explores themes such as beauty, identity and the unexpected surprises of love all with plenty of humor and heart!

“Drive Me Crazy” (1999)

“Drive Me Crazy” (1999) is a romantic comedy for teens that will transport you back to those heady high school days. Follow Nicole and Chase through their lifelong friendship as they decide to fake being an item so their crushes are jealous – taking them on an unpredictable ride of emotions they never anticipated! Reminiscent of our own high school drama, friendship complexities, and unpredictable young love situations; many viewers can recognize themselves within its pages!

“Eighth grade” (2018)

“Eighth grade” is a deeply relatable, coming-of-age movie that plunges you into the thrilling ride of a shy girl’s life at middle school. It’s a deeply moving journey through of the awkwardness and self-discovery and the effects of technology on the minds of young children. If you’ve been an teen, you’ll discover it incredibly real and touching.

“Juno” (2007)

“Juno” is an indie film that will take you on an emotional journey. Meet Juno MacGuff, an energetic teenager with an unexpected pregnancy who challenges herself through pregnancy and adoption decisions – as she navigates their difficulty while growing as a mature individual in the process. A story which speaks to human spirit; emphasizing friendship and resilience against life’s inevitable surprises.

“Moonrise Kingdom” (2012)

A Delightfully Quirky Love Story Wes Anderson’s “Moonrise Kingdom” is an entertaining and visually stunning depiction of young love, complete with eccentric characters and intriguing storytelling that’s sure to appeal to fans of “Flipped.”

“Booky’s Crush” (2009)

“Booky’s Crush” is an inspiring coming-of-age film that transports viewers back into Booky’s world as she experiences all the joy and sorrow associated with childhood; from laughter, tears, and first love – to moments that bring them all back home again. A truly emotional journey back through your own memories of innocence and discovery!

“Measure of a Man” (2018)

“Measure of a Man” is an emotional coming-of-age tale that follows Bobby Marks from his early years up until one pivotal summer vacation that forever changes him. You’ll experience Bobby’s struggles with bullies, his relationships with family, and his personal journey of discovering what makes him special – this film captures beautifully all aspects of growing up, from bullying to family interactions, while providing powerful lessons about accepting oneself for who they truly are – providing powerful reminders that embracing unique strengths can transform lives forever.

“The Spectacular Now” (2013)

A Realistic Coming-of-Age Story. Fans who appreciated “Flipped” will enjoy “The Spectacular Now.” It depicts young adulthood’s challenges and uncertainties with honesty and depth.

“The Man in the Moon” (1991)

“The Man in the Moon” is an endearing coming-of-age drama set against Louisiana’s rustic landscapes. Told through Dani, its heartbreaking narrative immerses you in her journey as she experiences first love, familial dynamics, and the lessons associated with growing up. With its classic southern charm and authentic story telling techniques, its Southern character resonates strongly with audiences of any age as youthful innocence gives way to hard-won wisdom.

“Little Manhattan” (2005)

“Little Manhattan” is like an emotional embrace wrapped up into a romantic comedy. Set against the vibrant streets of New York, its captivating story transports audiences back in time to experience both beauty and awkwardness of first love from a young boy’s point of view – this journey will make you smile while reliving some of your own youthful experiences in love!

“My Girl” (1991)

An Emotionally Engaging Journey of Friendship. Another timeless classic, My Girl tells the heartfelt journey of two childhood friends Vada and Thomas as they navigate childhood friendship, innocence, and growing pains throughout.

“The Kissing Booth” (2018)

“The Kissing Booth” offers us a heartwarming coming-of-age hug in the form of a romantic comedy for teens. We meet Elle Evans, a high school student thrown into turmoil when she develops feelings for her best friend’s older brother – as we journey with Elle we experience laughter, heartwarming moments and the rollercoaster ride of teenage life; this movie brilliantly captures friendship, romance and growing up all at once!

“Candy Jar” (2018)

“Candy Jar” is an enjoyable teen romantic comedy set against the highly competitive world of high school debate. Lona and Bennett, two brilliant debaters from different schools, find themselves locked in an intense contest of words until, upon entering national championship competitions together, love and friendship become their ultimate winning arguments.

“The Perks of Being a Wallflower” (2012)

Navigating Life’s Complexities Stephen Chbosky’s novel has been transformed into an exquisite adaptation that beautifully captures its themes of self-discovery and friendship – similar to “Flipped.”


If “Flipped” left you craving more heartwarming stories, these movies should satiate your craving for nostalgia, innocence and romance. Each offers its own perspective on growing up and the intricacies of relationships – perfect for an afternoon movie marathon to give you that warm-and-fuzzy feeling! So grab some snacks, get comfortable on the sofa and get ready for some real emotional entertainment that will leave you with an all-over warm fuzzy sensation!

Are these movies suitable for all age groups?

Absolutely! Most of these movies are family-friendly and can be enjoyed by viewers of all ages.

Where can I watch these movies online?

You can find these movies on popular streaming platforms like Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hulu, and Disney+.

Is “Flipped” available for streaming?

Yes, “Flipped” is available on various streaming platforms, so you can revisit it whenever you like.

Are there any sequels to “Flipped”?

No, “Flipped” doesn’t have any sequels, but these other movies capture a similar essence.

Can you recommend more movies like “Flipped”?

Certainly! Feel free to reach out for more movie recommendations if you’re hungry for more heartwarming films.