19 Mind-Bending Movies Like Super 8 You Can’t Afford to Miss


Movies Like Super 8

Hey movie buffs! Remember how exciting and magical “Super 8” was? Well, we have something in store to bring that excitement and wonder back: let’s explore a list of movies that capture its spirit and take you on an immersive cinematic journey! We invite you on an adventure through many other cinematic works similar to it that will give you that same feeling!

Hold on tight!

Hello film enthusiasts! Are you hooked on cinematic magic? Well then get ready for an incredible treat: we are about to dive into an epic tale, supernatural mysteries and heartwarming friendships galore in this selection of movies that’ll have you thinking back on “Super 8.”

Why “Super 8” Was so Special

Do you remember the summer of ’79 when four friends discovered something out-of-this-world? Well, “Super 8” provided us with that same unique mix of adventure and intrigue that continues to resonate today – and if that movie left an impressionful memory on you too, don’t fret; here at TCM we have more like it in store for you.

Epic Adventures with a Familiar Flair

MovieRelease dateDurationBudgetBox officeWhere to watch
E.T. the Extra-TerrestrialJune 11, 1982115 minutes$10.5 million$792.9 millionHulu, Paramount+
Stranger ThingsJuly 15, 201645–60 minutes$6 million$3.8 billionNetflix
CloverfieldJanuary 18, 200885 minutes$25 million$170.3 millionNetflix, Hulu
The GooniesJune 7, 1985114 minutes$19 million$128.4 millionHBO Max, Hulu
Stand by MeAugust 22, 198689 minutes$15 million$53.8 millionHBO Max, Hulu
The SandlotApril 8, 199392 minutes$20 million$38.8 millionDisney+
Close Encounters of the Third KindNovember 16, 1977135 minutes$13 million$306.1 millionParamount+
ChronicleFebruary 3, 201283 minutes$12 million$128.5 millionHulu
Midnight SpecialMarch 11, 2016138 minutes$18 million$48.8 millionHulu
Super Dark TimesMarch 3, 201787 minutes$5 million$11.4 millionHulu
The Iron GiantJune 7, 199986 minutes$70 million$310.4 millionHBO Max, Hulu
Pan’s LabyrinthDecember 29, 2006120 minutes$19 million$83.8 millionHBO Max
Project AlmanacJanuary 25, 2015106 minutes$12 million$103.1 millionNetflix
The Fourth KindOctober 15, 200998 minutes$20 million$77.3 millionHulu
The ThingJune 25, 1982109 minutes$15 million$191.4 millionHBO Max, Hulu
SignsAugust 6, 2002105 minutes$72 million$408.2 millionHBO Max, Hulu
Earth to EchoJuly 2, 201490 minutes$18 million$22.7 millionDisney+
War of the WorldsJune 29, 2005149 minutes$132 million$600.8 millionHBO Max, Hulu
PrometheusJune 8, 2012123 minutes$130 million$403.4 millionHulu
Movies Like Super 8
Movies Like Super 8

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E.T. The Extra-Terrestrial

Start off this epic adventure series right with one of Steven Spielberg’s timeless classics, “E.T.” We follow a young boy as he forms an unlikely bond with an alien friend – which rivals “Super 8.” You won’t want to miss this unforgettable film!

Stranger Things

Stranger Things While “Stranger Things” may not be a movie, its binge-worthy series captures all of the nostalgia and creepy mysteries from “Super 8.” Get ready to be amazed as a group of friends uncover supernatural secrets in a small town!

Spacey Sci-Fi Escapades


“Cloverfield” Is an Exhilarating Sci-Fi Adventure. It delivers heart-pounding action. This found-footage movie immerses viewers into the chaos surrounding an attack of massive monsters on New York City – perfect for fans of “Super 8.”

The Goonies

Get ready for an adventure of fun, friendship and hidden treasure! Join a group of adventurous youth as they embark on an incredible quest to save their homes – it’s a feel-good flick that perfectly captures youthful curiosity!

Growing Up and Navigating Life

Stand by Me

It is based on a Stephen King short story, is an endearing tale about four friends on an emotional quest to locate a missing boy. At its core is nostalgia that will tug at your heartstrings – all elements necessary to grow as individuals and navigate life together.

The Sandlot

Get ready to experience summer 1962 all over again with “The Sandlot!” This nostalgic trip features baseball, camaraderie and childhood adventures – sure to please fans of “Super 8.”

Unlocking Mysteries Beyond Imagination

Close Encounters of the Third Kind

It brings Spielberg back with another riveting and imaginative film: discover an extraordinary journey through space that uncovers mysteries beyond imagination in “Close Encounters of the Third Kind.” Follow a man as he encounters beings from beyond our world – another fascinating exploration into unknown places and dimensions similar to “Super 8.”


“Chronicle” is an unconventional coming-of-age tale with three friends who discover they possess superhuman abilities and grapple with their newfound powers while dealing with their consequences – a modern take on coming-of-age meets supernatural.

Supernatural Marvels and Spooky Wonders

Midnight Special

Buckle up for an action-packed ride with “Midnight Special”! A father and his amazingly gifted son embark on an extraordinary adventure, uncovering mysteries while dodging authorities – this thought-provoking movie will keep audiences gripped until its last frame!

Super Dark Times

“Super Dark Times” takes things in an even darker direction. Set during the 1990s, this psychological thriller explores what happens after an unspeakably tragic event has unfolded among friends. Eerie, suspenseful and perfect for mystery enthusiasts!

Fantasy, Friendship, and Otherworldly Delights

The Iron Giant

The Iron Giant” delivers an emotionally touching dose of friendship that will leave you inspired and moved. Follow a young boy as he forms a deep relationship with an enormous robot friend from outer space that will leave you inspired and moved.

Pan’s Labyrinth

“Pan’s Labyrinth” will satisfy your taste for dark fantasy with its immersive world inhabited by mythical creatures and exciting adventures, making for a visual feast to stimulate your senses and expand your mind.

More other movies like Super 8

Project Almanac

“Project Almanac,” released in 2015, tells the tale of four friends who stumble across blueprints for a time machine and decide to build it! Unfortunately, time travel isn’t as straightforward as depicted in films. As soon as they start fiddling around with the time machine, things quickly start becoming out-of-whack. One change made in the past could completely upturn present and future timelines – an unfortunate reality they must live with every day. This movie is shot like found footage, providing it with a truly authentic and real experience. As viewers follow these friends through their time-travel adventure and all its ups and downs, you get to witness how time can change lives forever – a wild ride that makes one question what consequences occur with altering it in any form.

The Fourth Kind

Imagine it’s 2009, and you’re sitting down to watch “The Fourth Kind”. Unlike traditional movies, “The Fourth Kind” resembles more of a documentary with dramatic elements. Set in Alaska and detailing strange disappearances that actually happened, this tale follows one psychologist as they try to figure out why this has all occurred.

As the story progresses, things turn increasingly unnerving. There’s an uneasiness that something otherworldly might be involved – like aliens. And psychologist uses hypnosis to try to determine where missing people went after they vanished. “The Fourth Kind” refers to various alien contact methods – abduction being one!

Imagine yourself cozying up under a blanket as your heart races as this mystery unfolds before your very eyes. If you enjoy real-life mysteries and UFOs, this film promises an experience you won’t be able to look away from.

The Thing

Imagine yourself back in 1982, watching “The Thing.” This movie is a rollercoaster of horror and suspense set in Antarctica where scientists discover a weird alien creature capable of mimicking any individual it comes into contact with – leading them to suspect their neighbor may actually be human or just some scary impostor hiding amongst them!

Imagine yourself in their position and let yourself become part of their story: Who do you trust? Every scene keeps your pulse pounding as you attempt to identify who might soon turn into a monster. The special effects are incredible and will have you cringing and jumping as the tension mounts. “The Thing” is an unrivaled classic that delivers chills in spades!


Imagine sitting down with your family in 2002 to watch “Signs.” It is an engrossing science fiction flick combining mystery with science. The plot revolves around a father who once served as a priest and his family when they discover strange crop circles that appear out of nowhere – these circles prove much more puzzling than ordinary field designs!

As the family struggles to understand what’s going on, things become more and more tense as they speculate if these crop circles could be related to alien visitors on Earth; all while facing personal struggles and fears. You get an intimate look into each character’s experiences.

Imagine yourself immersed in an array of emotions – suspense, fear and even some awe. “Signs” will force you to think about the unknown as well as how people cope with unusual situations – making this movie one you won’t want to miss!

Earth to Echo

Imagine you’re back in 2014, feeling like a kid again, and decide to watch “Earth to Echo” with friends or family. This film centers around four friends who discover an unexpected signal on their phones and decide to investigate further; after following it for an adventure of their own!

Follow their signal and they encounter an adorable alien robot, in need of their assistance, that needs them to return home. Imagine having your very own little alien companion! This movie follows their journey together through challenges, fun times and lessons on friendship.

“Earth to Echo” is like embarking on an exciting ride with friends. There’s an uplifting mix of excitement, laughter, and heartwarming emotions as these kids bond with their alien friend to overcome obstacles together. So if you want an entertaining yet heartfelt movie experience this movie should definitely make the cut!

War of the Worlds

Imagine yourself hanging out with your family in 2005, and deciding to watch “War of the Worlds.” This movie shows what happens when aliens suddenly arrive on Earth and start wrecking havoc – you follow a father played by Tom Cruise, his children, and how they try to avoid getting captured by these huge triangular machines that threaten survival and escape.

The amazing thing is that the entire movie unfolds from their perspective; you feel right there with them as they fight against alien forces that seem invincible. Yet the film doesn’t just focus on action: its heart lies in how people come together and fight together for survival no matter the odds.

Imagine yourself immersed in an emotionally intense situation, watching as the family fights to survive against invading aliens. “War of the Worlds” will take your breath away while challenging you to think critically about human identity – definitely something worth seeing!


Imagine it’s 2012 and you and your friends are settling down for a night of watching “Prometheus”. This movie mixes science fiction with mystery to give viewers plenty to think about; connected to the “Alien” series for added excitement!

Scientists and adventurers become intrigued with ancient clues indicating a connection between humans and aliens, leading them to travel far off planet in pursuit of this lead – but soon upon arrival things start going downhill fast!

As they explore their planet, they come upon some remarkable technology and uncover all sorts of mysteries. Not just an action flick – this film makes you consider important questions about where we come from and our place in the universe.

Think about yourself trying to piece the puzzle alongside the characters, feeling that sense of awe and curiosity as they explore something unknown – “Prometheus” will do just that and leave plenty of things for discussion afterward! Don’t miss this stunning sci-fi drama!

That’s a Wrap!

And that is it – an exciting cinematic journey through movies that perfectly embody the magic of Super 8 filmmaking! If it is heartfelt friendships, supernatural thrills, or epic adventures you crave then these movies have something for you – get some popcorn ready and take this journey with us!

Can everyone enjoy these movies?

Each film has its own vibe and age-appropriateness, so be sure to check out the ratings before diving in.

Are there sequels to any of these movies?

Some of the flicks mentioned might have sequels or related content, so keep an eye out for more.

Are these films only for sci-fi lovers?

Nope! While sci-fi is a common thread, these movies also touch on friendship, growth, and exploring the unknown.

Can I stream these movies online?

Many of these gems can be found on streaming platforms, but availability might vary depending on where you are.

Is “Super 8” a timeless classic?

Over the years, “Super 8” has gained a devoted following and is considered a modern classic in the sci-fi genre.