Top 23+ Movies Like Tangled That’ll Ignite Your Imagination


Movies Like Tangled

Are You Movie Lovers!? Like me, chances are you have been charmed by the enchanting magic of “Tangled.” Well, let me make an exciting announcement: there’s an entire world of animated delights out there with their own brand of charm, charming characters and epic adventures – take my journey through over 23 movies that all share this whimsical quality which made “Tangled” such an exceptional film!

MovieRelease dateDurationBudgetBox officeWhere to watch
BraveJune 22, 20121h 44m$185 million$608.7 millionDisney+, Hulu
MoanaNovember 23, 20161h 53m$150 million$643.3 millionDisney+, Hulu
FrozenNovember 27, 20131h 43m$150 million$1.284 billionDisney+, Hulu
How to Train Your DragonMarch 26, 20101h 45m$165 million$494.8 millionNetflix, Hulu
The Secret Life of PetsJuly 8, 20161h 30m$75 million$875.5 millionNetflix, Hulu
UpMay 29, 20091h 42m$175 million$735.1 millionDisney+, Hulu
HerculesJune 27, 19971h 30m$85 million$252.7 millionDisney+, Hulu
AladdinMay 25, 19921h 28m$280 million$504.1 millionDisney+, Hulu
MulanJune 19, 19981h 28m$200 million$334.3 millionDisney+, Hulu
Frozen IINovember 22, 20192h 14m$150 million$1.453 billionDisney+, Hulu
CinderellaFebruary 15, 19501h 15m$2.5 million$495 millionDisney+, Hulu
Beauty and the BeastJune 22, 19911h 26m$250 million$423.8 millionDisney+, Hulu
Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black PearlJuly 9, 20032h 17m$140 million$654.3 millionDisney+, Hulu
The Road to El DoradoApril 30, 20001h 30m$90 million$154.4 millionDisney+, Hulu
Treasure PlanetNovember 27, 20021h 35m$140 million$110.4 millionDisney+, Hulu
Toy StoryNovember 19, 19951h 20m$30 million$373.6 millionDisney+, Hulu
Finding NemoMay 30, 20031h 40m$90 million$940.3 millionDisney+, Hulu
ShrekMay 18, 20011h 30m$60 million$484.4 millionNetflix, Hulu
OnwardMarch 6, 20201h 45m$175 million$108.2 millionDisney+
The CroodsMarch 22, 20131h 39m$135 million$587.1 millionNetflix, Hulu
Monsters, Inc.November 2, 20011h 29m$115 million$577.0 millionDisney+, Hulu
AnastasiaNovember 21, 19971h 34m$80 million$173.7 millionDisney+, Hulu
The Princess and the FrogDecember 15, 20091h 38m$100 million$267.4 million
PocahontasJune 10, 19951h 23m$55 million$346.0 millionDisney+, Hulu
Movies Like Tangled

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Movies Like Tangled

Heartwarming Stories of Self-Discovery

Table of Contents

“Brave” (2012): Harness Your Inner Rebel and Change the Course of History!

Imagine yourself immersed in the lush beauty of the Scottish Highlands where “Brave” introduces you to Princess Merida. She is not your average princess – her fiery red locks match her fiery spirit – as she takes matters into her own hands to embark upon an incredible adventure full of twists and turns.

Merida’s bold move creates chaos in her kingdom and now Merida must seek courage she never knew she possessed to rectify it – taking you on an emotional journey of self-discovery through friendship and family that will have you laughing, crying and cheering along the way!

“Brave” reminds us to remain true to ourselves despite any obstacles, while providing a heartwarming mother-daughter connection that proves how even rebellious spirits can change fate. So grab some popcorn and get ready for an emotional roller coaster ride that celebrates being One’s Self!

“Moana” (2016): Set Sail on an Unforgettable Adventure With Moana!

Imagine an ocean world with tranquil waters and wide horizons where Moana lives. She’s not your average island girl – her dream is to explore further beyond her reef! When her island faces trouble, Moana takes matters into her own hands by embarking on an incredible journey, alongside Maui the Demigod.

Moana and Maui embark on an incredible adventure filled with heartwarming moments, catchy songs and exciting challenges that’ll have you gripping your seat from start to finish. Moana’s tale teaches us about finding inner strength through friendship and finding our place in this world even when it seems impossible.

So set sail with Moana and enjoy her voyage as she reminds us all that big things can come from even small hearts.

“Frozen” (2013): An Endearing Tale of Sisterly Love and Magic!

Start exploring Arendelle, where Elsa and Anna rule. Elsa has the power of creating ice and snow; when things start going south due to winter’s gripping hold on Arendelle, Anna comes back into play as the one to restore warmth and save the day – with unforgettable songs that defy its chill, it is an unforgettable journey of love, laughter and courage in even the coldest places! “Frozen” takes viewers on an incredible adventure that explores love, laughter and courage all under one roof!

Whimsical Worlds and Unexpected Friendships

“How to Train Your Dragon” (2010): Unleash Your Inner Hero with Hiccup and Toothless!

Let me transport you into a world where Vikings and dragons clash until a young Viking named Hiccup makes everything different. By befriending an injured dragon named Toothless, together, they prove friendship can bridge any gaps separating people, so be prepared for heartwarming moments, thrilling flights, and an inspirational tale that shows kindness can change the world!

“Discover the Hidden Life of Pets” (2016): Explore Their Engaging World!

Imagine an electrifying New York City neighborhood filled with pets leading their secret lives, like Max, the terrier who lives comfortably with his owner until Duke comes along and transforms everything. From crazy antics to unexpected friendships, this film provides insight into our pets’ secret lives when we’re not looking. It serves as a heartwarming reminder that even our furriest companions have their own stories to share!

“Up” (2009): Take Off on an Epic Adventure With Carl and Russell!

Imagine Carl, his airborne house held up by balloons, and Russell. Together, they embark on an extraordinary adventure across South America to fulfill a promise while seeking thrills – but instead discover a remarkable experience filled with talking dogs, exotic landscapes, and heartwarming bonds between Carl and Russell that’ll leave you laughing, crying, and knowing every adventure is better shared with someone special. “Up” will leave you breathless! It will have you laughing, crying, and knowing every adventure is better experienced with someone close by your side!

Journeys With Incredible Journeys and Endearing Characters

“Hercules” (1997): directed by Steven Spielberg): Join an Epic Adventure!

Imagine ancient Greece, where myths come alive, and heroes emerge. Meet Hercules – not your traditional muscle-bound hero, but with strength in spirit and determination to spare! From being an outcast misfit to an iconic demi-god, he discovers courage along his journey that proves heroes come in all forms – sidekicks who steal the show, as well as challenges that push him further along his journey, proving that heroes come from every walk of life and “Hercules” is an uplifting tale about finding courage while testing him along his journey while making you believe you can achieve anything you set your mind upon and having fun doing so with humor and action-packed into one fantastic tale of self-belief that promises plenty.

“Aladdin” (1992): An Enchanting Adventure Through Agrabah!

Imagine an action-packed bazaar where Aladdin, an adorable street rat, finds a magical lamp with three wishes that enable him to make his own and meet a friendly Genie who enjoys cracking jokes. His dreams seem within reach – however, it’s more about self-discovery as Aladdin learns that being True to ourselves brings fulfillment in life. Soar away on a magic carpet as Aladdin shows us all how being true to our hearts can lead us on this magical adventure – Aladdin shows us that being yourself can bring us – a true treasure.

“Mulan” (1998): An Empowering Journey of Courage and Identity!

It is transported into ancient China, where Mulan, an adventurous young woman destined to protect her family against tradition, challenges it in her pursuit. Disguised as a soldier and embarking on an incredible adventure alongside Mushu, the dragon as her sidekick, Mulan discovers her strength, resilience, and the importance of remaining true to herself as she fights alongside warriors – reminding us all that no matter who we are, we can all make an impactful difference and break expectations along the way! This heartwarming tale reminds us that no matter who we are, we can break convention and make an impactful difference regardless!

Explore Enchanted Realms and Mythical Tales

“Frozen II” (2019): An Epic Journey of Discovery, Friendship, and Courage!

Remember Arendelle from “Frozen II?” Elsa and Anna return in “Frozen II,” embarking on an adventure beyond its borders, when Elsa hears a mysterious voice she cannot identify. With Olaf, Kristoff, and Sven, they discover hidden memories and new challenges that test their bonds as Olaf discovers secrets from her past. In contrast, Olaf discovers some surprising truths about Olaf. With captivating music and heartwarming scenes, “Frozen II” serves as a reminder that family and friendship make every adventure worthwhile. With breathtaking music and heartwarming scenes, “Frozen II” will remind viewers why family matters most!

“Cinderella” (1950): When Dreams and Magic Collide!

Imagine a world in which kindness reigns and dreams come true, such as “Cinderella,” a young woman with a good heart burdened by tedious chores. However, all her hard work changes when her fairy godmother steps in and turns rags into a ballgown and her pumpkin into a carriage! Through midnight magic and leaving behind glass slipper reminders, this timeless tale reminds us that kindness and courage can lead us toward our fairy tale ending.

“Beauty and the Beast” (1991): A Story of Love, Change, and Second Chances!

Imagine a village where an intelligent and curious girl named Belle stands out as something different than typical small-town life – she prefers books over small talk. When Belle ends up at a mysterious castle with the Beast, their story takes a surprising turn; together, through laughter, shared stories, and magical moments, they discover that beauty goes deeper than skin deep. This fairy tale goes beyond appearances to unveil magic hidden among unexpected corners.

Swashbuckling Adventures and Secreted Treasures.

“Pirates of the Caribbean” (2003): Hoist the Flag for Adventure and Treasure!

Pirates of the Caribbean” sets you on an unforgettable sea adventure! Join Captain Jack Sparrow, Will Turner, and Elizabeth Swann as they chase after a legendary pirate ship, Black Pearl; however, its crew is cursed! Prepare yourself for heart-pounding battles, daring rescue missions, and unexpected friendships, proving that sometimes unlikely allies can become invaluable!

“The Road to El Dorado” (2000): Join Two Friends on an Engaging Quest for Adventure and Gold!

Imagine two friends, Tulio and Miguel, discovering a treasure map to El Dorado that leads them directly there – but with an unexpected twist: when they arrive, locals mistake them for powerful gods! After experiencing royal treatment at first, however, Tulio and Miguel must decide between keeping all their riches or helping those who believe in them – an animated masterpiece filled with laughter, music, and mischief, which offers an unforgettable journey towards finding purpose while forging unbreakable bonds!

“Treasure Planet” (2002): Plan Your Course through Cosmic Adventure with Young Jim!

Imagine an alternate universe filled with pirate ships sailing across space; that’s the universe of “Treasure Planet.” Enter Jim Hawkins, an energetic young adventurer whose spirit knows no boundaries. After discovering a map of a legendary treasure hidden among the stars, he travels across galaxies to the stars. Along his voyage, he learns valuable lessons in bravery, friendship, and endless opportunities beyond our horizon.

Friendship and Loyalty in an Enchanted Delights World

“Toy Story” (1995): Where Toys Teach Us About Friendship and Belonging!

Imagine a world in which toys take on their own lives; that is the magic of “Toy Story.” Meet Woody, a cowboy with a kind heart, and Buzz Lightyear, an eccentric space hero eager to learn more. They embark on an extraordinary adventure together as they discover that being there for each other matters most of all – through laughter, challenges, and unexpected twists, “Toy Story” reminds us all that no matter our size or shape, we all play an integral part in making someone else’s world brighter.

“Finding Nemo” (2003): Join Nemo and Marlin on an Adventure Under the Sea!

Finding Nemo” transports us into the vast blue expanse of the ocean. When Nemo, a little clownfish, finds himself far away in a dentist’s fish tank, his dad Marlin embarks on an incredible journey to bring him home – meeting Dory along the way – who reminds them all that even in such vast waters, family and friendship are key forces guiding our journeys. Their adventure reminds us never to underestimate its power!

“Shrek” (2001): An Enchanting Fairytale with Heart and Humor!

Imagine an enchanting realm where ogres wear layers and talking donkeys become your closest allies – that is the charming world of “Shrek.” Shrek is an ogre with a big heart who wishes for peace in his swamp until life forces him into an adventure to rescue Princess Fiona and restore peace to their kingdom. They also learn that friendship can come from unexpected sources and that true tales should make you laugh and stir your emotions.

Mythical Creatures and Extraordinary Tales

“Onward” (2020): Unleash the Extraordinary in Everyday Life!

Imagine a world in which fantasy and reality intersect – that’s the world of “Onward.” Ian and Barley are two brothers with a magical mission: to bring back their dad, even for just one day. Equipped with their magical staff named Guinevere and van called Goliath, their journey is filled with laughter, tears, and moments that remind us what truly matters – not only as an adventure but also a story about family, growing up, and finding magic even in mundane everyday moments.

“The Croods” (2013): Venture on an Explosive Prehistoric Adventure with the Croods Family!

Imagine an unfamiliar and wild world where chaos and discovery reign supreme – that’s where “The Croods” takes us! Meet the Croods, an unlikely family of cave dwellers whose world will soon be turned on its head when their cave is destroyed, and they embark on an unexpected adventure that involves chaos, discovery, and unexpected companions – ultimately showing them that love and unity triumph even during primitive times. With laughs, surprises, and heartwarming moments in an animated gem’s gripping journey, this vibrant gem reminds us all that love and unity conquer all.

“Monsters, Inc.” (2001): Where Laughter and Friendship Create Magic!

Imagine a world populated by monsters living in closets and under-bed spaces – the world of “Monsters, Inc.” Mike and Sulley, two friends working hard to scare kids into screaming while collecting their screams. Still, when an unexpected visitor enters their world accidentally, they realize laughter is more effective than fear! In this heartwarming tale, we discover friendship, joy, and understanding of the true nature of our actions in even unlikely relationships.

Unconventional Princesses with Empowering Stories

“Anastasia” (1997): An Odyssey of Discovery, Love and Belonging!

Imagine Imperial Russia set against a captivating tale: that is “Anastasia.” Meet Anya, a determined young woman on an incredible journey to discover her past and find where she belongs in life – with help from charming conman Michael (whom Anya meets along her journey), she discovers more than her history; she experiences love, self-discovery, friendship, loyalty and unexpected connections along her path – this animated gem serves as a poignant reminder that our journey toward discovery often leads us into unexpected places with people whom truly matter in our lives – this animated masterpiece serves as a timeless reminder that our journeys often leads us down unexpected paths – reminding us all that life unfolds before us –

“The Princess and the Frog” (2009): A Bayou Adventure Packed With Dreams and Heart!

Imagine New Orleans as the backdrop to “The Princess and the Frog.” Tiana, a passionate waitress with dreams of opening her own restaurant, gets transformed by an unintended magical accident into a frog instead, leading her into an incredible journey exploring mysterious bayou areas with charming Naveen as her companion – learning lessons about love, friendship, and staying true to oneself along the way. This captivating tale reminds us to follow our passions on life’s greatest adventures – they may lead us right where it matters most!

“Pocahontas” (1995): An Epic Tale of Unity, Love and Courage in an Ever-Changing World!

Pocahontas” offers us the perfect blend of lush landscape and an intercultural story – that is “Pocahontas.” Meet Pocahontas, an indomitable Native American woman, and John Smith, an English settler whose meeting sparks an extraordinary friendship that transcends language and culture differences between their respective peoples – as they navigate challenges presented by cultural diversity they find the beauty in nature, friendship strength and the importance of standing up for what is right. This poignant tale reminds us all how humanity unifies us all, even during times of change!

Conclusion: An Endless Tapestry of Magical Animations

At its heart, animated films offer a rich world of magical stories like those found in “Tangled”. From courageous princesses to daring explorations, animated movies serve as testaments of imagination and storytelling that will last through time.

So gather your loved ones, and grab some popcorn, and embark on an incredible cinematic journey – animation awaits!

Are these movies suitable for all ages?

Absolutely! These films cater to audiences of all ages, making them great options for family movie night.

Do these films offer positive messages?

Absolutely; each film provides life lessons ranging from friendship and courage to self-exploration and acceptance.

Are there any musical numbers in these movies?

Many of these movies feature memorable musical moments that add an additional coating of depth and interest.

Are there sequels to any of these films?

Yes, several have sequels that continue the adventures of beloved characters from these films.

Where can I watch these movies?

Most of these films can be found either through streaming services or for purchase online retailers; check your preferred platforms to ensure availability.