15 Movies like the 300: Epic Action and Historical Drama


Movies like the 300

Hey, fellow movie enthusiast! Like me, you’ve likely watched “300” multiple times and are looking for similar films with epic action and historical drama elements to satisfy your craving. Look no further; we have an ideal list for this purpose. Buckle up as we dive into various films featuring heart-pounding action, intense battles and gripping stories like you experienced in “300.”

Relive the Epicness

You may have experienced King Leonidas and his 300 warriors’ epic struggle to defend their land in “300,” but don’t stop there – let the action continue! Prepare to experience more films that feature action, drama and historical greatness like those featured here, just like your Spartans did.

Movies like the 300
MovieRelease DateDurationBudgetBox OfficeWhere to Watch
Gladiator05 May 2000155 min$100 million$457.4 millionHulu, HBO Max, Peacock, Paramount+, YouTube
Troy19 May 1998165 min$175 million$497.2 millionHulu, HBO Max, Peacock, Paramount+, YouTube
Braveheart25 May 1995175 min$70 million$210.8 millionHulu, HBO Max, Peacock, Paramount+, YouTube
The Immortals11 November 2011113 min$115 million$256.2 millionHulu, HBO Max, Peacock, Paramount+, YouTube
Alexander08 December 2004167 min$155 million$167.2 millionHulu, HBO Max, Peacock, Paramount+, YouTube
Centurion27 March 2010107 min$12 million$31.1 millionHulu, HBO Max, Peacock, Paramount+, YouTube
Pompeii21 May 201497 min$100 million$134.8 millionHulu, HBO Max, Peacock, Paramount+, YouTube
Apocalypto12 December 2006135 min$150 million$542.5 millionHulu, HBO Max, Peacock, Paramount+, YouTube
Kingdom of Heaven06 May 2005144 min$130 million$211.8 millionHulu, HBO Max, Peacock, Paramount+, YouTube
The Last Samurai05 December 2003154 min$140 million$456.3 millionHulu, HBO Max, Peacock, Paramount+, YouTube
300: Rise of an Empire06 March 2014103 min$110 million$456.1 millionHulu, HBO Max, Peacock, Paramount+, YouTube
Ironclad22 January 2011107 min$15 million$20.3 millionHulu, HBO Max, Peacock, Paramount+, YouTube
Arn: The Knight Templar19 March 2007150 min$10 million$11.8 millionTubi
The Eagle11 May 2011110 min$55 million$125.4 millionHulu, HBO Max, Peacock, Paramount+, YouTube
13 Assassins25 July 2010141 min$20 million$96 millionHulu, HBO Max, Peacock, Paramount+, YouTube
Movies like the 300

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Gladiator (2000)

Have you ever wanted to know what life was like as a gladiator in ancient Rome? “Gladiator” immerses you into that arena with Russell Crowe’s powerful performance as you experience all the honour, vengeance and epic battles first-hand!

Troy (1998)

Prepare for a journey back in time with “Troy“, featuring legendary heroes, intense battles and an alluring romantic plotline set against ancient Greece during the Trojan War. Brad Pitt will ensure his portrayal of Achilles will leave an indelible mark on viewers everywhere.

Braveheart (1995)

This movie provides an inspiring depiction of Scottish warrior William Wallace’s battle for freedom against English oppression. Mel Gibson’s direction and performance provide an unforgettable tale of sacrifice and courage that audiences everywhere will love to watch repeatedly.

The Immortals (2011)

Dive into the captivating world of “The Immortals,” an epic fantasy film released in 2011. Imagine yourself transported back in time to ancient Greece where gods, mortals and extraordinary tales collide.

Meet Theseus, an unassuming stonemason who finds himself thrust into an extraordinary journey beyond his wildest imagination. Amidst his everyday life, Theseus is suddenly thrust into battle against King Hyperion’s oppressive regime which seeks to summon legendary Titans from Greek mythology that threaten to dismantle everything he holds dear.

What distinguishes “The Immortals” is its extraordinary combination of human bravery and divine intricacies. The film masterfully captures both aspects, drawing audiences into breathtaking scenes where human conflicts collide with divine intervention; creating breathtaking clashes where breathtaking scenes and heart-racing confrontations come alive – rooting for Theseus to overcome unimaginable odds while hoping humanity triumphs! As Theseus faces unimaginable trials head-on, you’ll be right there alongside him, holding your breath, cheering him on while hoping humanity’s triumphant victory.

“The Immortals” goes far beyond being just another spectacle of battles – it tells a moving tale of courage, sacrifice and an unswerving human spirit in the face of impossible odds. Experience this gripping journey where myths interweave with reality as ordinary people shape their destinies amid change and turmoil.

Alexander (2004)

Get immersed into the life of legendary conqueror Alexander the Great, as played by Colin Farrell. Oliver Stone’s “Alexander” brings all aspects of Alexander’s triumphant journey, struggles, and clashing cultures.

Centurion (2010)

Centurion transports us to the edge of the Roman empire as a soldier who fights for survival against all odds. This gritty tale does not hide from showcasing all aspects of battle life and defeat.

Pompeii (2014)

Set against the catastrophic eruption of Mount Vesuvius, “Pompeii” weaves an emotional tale of love and heroism in its wake. Brace yourself for an intense ride!

Apocalypto (2006)

Mel Gibson’s “Apocalypto” introduces us to an ancient Mesoamerican civilization and follows one man on an adventure-filled quest to rescue his family.

Kingdom of Heaven (2005)

In “Kingdom of Heaven“, Orlando Bloom portrays Balian, who navigates through a turbulent world filled with conflict, honour and redemption to find redemption for himself and others in need.

The Last Samurai (2003)

Tom Cruise takes us deep into Japan’s centuries-old samurai culture in “The Last Samurai“. This film explores honour, redemption and the tensions between tradition and modernity.

300: Rise of an Empire (2014)

The sequel to “300,” “Rise of an Empire”, takes the battle onto the seas as Greek general Themistocles engages the Persian navy.

Ironclad (2011)

Ironclad transports us back to medieval England as knights defend Rochester Castle against an oppressive monarch. Loyalties are put through rigorous tests while battles rage on.

Arn: The Knight Templar (2007)

Faith and Fighting to Follow “Arn“, an upstart Swedish knight turned Templar, as he navigates his way through faith, love and knighthood in medieval Sweden.

The Eagle (2011)

In “The Eagle“, Roman soldier Marcus initiates his quest for honour and identity by venturing into uncharted territories to retrieve his father’s emblem that has gone missing.

13 Assassins (2010)

Discover the captivating world of Takashi Miike’s mesmerizing 2010 Japanese samurai film “13 Assassins,” set against feudal Japan where honor and danger coexist in equal parts.

In this story, a band of extraordinary samurai unite for an audacious mission – taking down an oppressive and power-hungry lord who endangers not only individual lives but the nation as a whole.

But what really sets this film apart is its dynamic cast of characters. Meet these warriors, each carrying his or her own dreams, fears, and reasons for embarking on such an extraordinary journey. Watch as they prepare themselves for battle while sharing in their moments of camaraderie, internal struggles and unwavering determination!

“13 Assassins” is more than an action movie; it’s an emotional masterpiece. Spike-spear battles and thrilling sword fights interweave seamlessly with introspection and personal growth; not simply an exercise in conflict but an exploration of sacrifice, honor upheld, and the profound clash between duty and deeply-held beliefs.

Prepare to be immersed in an unforgettable world where courage and unity stand tall against seemingly insurmountable odds. “13 Assassins” promises an emotionally engaging tale as its remarkable heroes struggle towards justice on an uncertain path.


Dear Cinephiles, here you have an extensive library of movies that will transport you into worlds of epic battles, legendary heroes and heart-thumping action. Your hunger for intense historical drama should now be satisfied; prepare to experience cinematic adventures that rival “300.”

What is the movie “300” about?

“300” is this epic action flick directed by Zack Snyder that’s all about the Battle of Thermopylae. You know, that super intense showdown where King Leonidas and a small group of Spartan warriors take on the massive Persian army led by Xerxes.

Are there other movies similar to “300”?

Oh, totally! There’s the sequel called “300: Rise of an Empire.” Plus, you’ve got films like “Immortals,” “Clash of the Titans,” and “Wrath of the Titans” that share that same kind of flashy action and historical vibe.

What are the key elements of movies like “300”?

Think epic battles, crazy cool visuals with slow-motion moments, brave heroes, and those classic ancient times settings. They’re all about honor, sacrifice, and facing crazy odds.

Are these movies historically accurate?

Eh, not exactly. They’re inspired by real history, but they jazz things up for that Hollywood wow factor. So, don’t rely on them for your history class.

Who is known for directing these types of movies?

Zack Snyder is the director who brought “300” and “300: Rise of an Empire” to life. You’ve also got other directors like Tarsem Singh (“Immortals”) and Louis Leterrier (“Clash of the Titans”) doing their thing in this style.

Do these movies have a specific visual style?

Absolutely! Picture high contrast scenes with kinda muted colors. And those slow-mo moments during battles? Classic move. It’s all about making those fights and characters pop.

Are there any mythological elements in these movies?

For sure! Some of these movies sprinkle in mythological creatures and stories. “Immortals” dives into Greek mythology, and you’ll see beasts like Medusa and the Kraken in “Clash of the Titans.”

Can you recommend other historical action films?

You bet! Check out “Braveheart,” “Gladiator,” “Troy,” and “Alexander” if you’re into epic battles and historical settings. They’re a solid watch too.

Is “300” suitable for all audiences?

Ah, “300” is rated R, thanks to its crazy battles, violence, and some steamy scenes. So, it’s not exactly a family movie night pick. Always check the rating before you dive in.

Are there any spin-offs or related media to “300”?

Yep, along with the sequel “300: Rise of an Empire,” there’s a TV series called “300: The Rise of an Empire” in the works. It’s gonna dig into the story more and expand the “300” universe.