Untitled Venom: Let There Be Carnage sequel (2024)


Untitled Venom: Let There Be Carnage sequel

Venom and its sequel, Venom: Let There Be Carnage, have cemented Venom’s place as one of the go-to superhero movie characters. From its dark humour and action-packed scenes to Tom Hardy as Eddie Brock’s undeniable charisma, these franchises have captured hearts worldwide. With Venom 3 on its way, anticipation levels are reaching a fever pitch!

Release Date:

  • 2024


  • Andy Serkis


  • Tom Hardy
  • Woody Harrelson
  • Juno Temple
  • Chiwetel Ejiofor


  • Eddie Brock
  • Venom
  • Cletus Kasady
  • Carnage
  • Anne Weying
Untitled Venom: Let There Be Carnage sequel

Eddie Brock’s Ongoing Struggle

After Venom: Let There Be Carnage, Eddie Brock and Venom formed an uneasy alliance, acknowledging each other’s mutual dependence. However, this fragile peace could be put under further strain in Venom 3, as Eddie must contend with Venom’s darker impulses while protecting his loved ones from his influence.

The Rise of New Symbiotes

Venom 2 promises to expand on its predecessor by introducing more symbiotes with different powers and motivations into Eddie and Venom’s universe, creating more potential plot points with alliances or betrayals between characters, which further complicates its storyline.

Deeper Exploration of the Symbiote Mythos

Venom 3 will explore this mythology by exploring their origins, connection to the Klyntar race, and potential consequences across space-time. Expect mind-boggling revelations as well as even greater conflict.

A Darker and Grittier Tone

Venom 3 is expected to adopt a darker and gritty tone than its predecessors, possibly including increased violence, gore, and deeper thematic exploration of characters’ psyches. This approach could help distinguish it from other superhero films while appealing to a broader audience.

Potential Crossover with the MCU

Sony and Marvel Studios’ recent collaboration on Spider-Man movies makes a Venom-MCU crossover all the more likely. While no official announcement has been made yet, such an event would send shockwaves through superhero movie culture and could spark epic battles and game-altering consequences.

Andy Serkis’ Return to the Director’s Chair

Andy Serkis, the director of Venom: Let There Be Carnage, is expected to return as director for its sequel. Serkis’ stylish approach was integral in its success; therefore, his presence could ensure that its sequel delivers similarly.

An Expanding Cast of Characters

Tom Hardy will reportedly reprise his role as Eddie Brock, and Woody Harrelson may return as Cletus Kasady (AKA Carnage). Other cast members from both films may return, with newcomers likely joining them; an expanded ensemble could provide fresh dynamics and conflicts, further deepening the narrative.

Release Date and Anticipation

Even though an official release date for Venom 3 has yet to be set, fans anticipate its cinematic release sometime between 2024 and 2025. As this date nears, anticipation among fans proliferates in anticipation of what promises to be an intense, action-packed sequel featuring Venom and his Symbiote sidekick, Symbiote.


Venom 3 has the potential to be one of the most exciting and entertaining installments in its franchise yet, featuring darker tones, new symbiotes and even potential MCU crossover. Fans should expect this sequel to make for an exhilarating viewing experience – fans will surely want more Eddie Brock as they experience another wild ride filled with action, suspense, humour and plenty of laughter from this installment of Venom.

Is Venom 3 Coming?

Yes, Venom 3 is set to hit theaters sometime in 2024.

Will there be a crossover with the MCU?

The possibility of a Venom-MCU crossover is certainly enticing. Fans eagerly await the chance to witness this epic clash of superheroes.

What will the tone of the film be?

Venom 3 is expected to embrace a darker and grittier tone than its predecessors. Prepare for a thrilling and suspenseful ride.

What can we expect from the story?

Eddie Brock’s ongoing struggle with Venom intensifies as he faces new threats from other symbiotes. The film delves deeper into the symbiote mythos, revealing mind-blowing revelations.