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In Salem, Massachusetts, an unwary group of teenagers come across an ancient, cursed knife that unleashes an evil entity into their lives, forcing them to fight for survival through horrifying versions of childhood pastimes until reality and nightmare become blurred, leaving them questioning their sanity and fighting to stay alive.

AGBO Production Company of the Russo Brothers presents “All Fun and Games,” their latest horror offering from AGBO Studios. Directed by Eren Celeboglu and Ari Costa, this film deftly blends psychological horror with elements of slasher cinema to deliver an unsettling and terrifying cinematic experience for audiences.

Release Date: September 1, 2023

Directors: Eren Celeboglu and Ari Costa

Producers: Angela Russo-Otstot, Kassee Whiting, and John Zois

Writers: J.J. Braider, Eren Celeboglu, and Ari Costa

Where to watch: Netflix


  • Asa Butterfield as Owen
  • Natalia Dyer as Katie
  • Benjamin Evan Ainsworth as Luke
  • Laurel Marsden as Jamie
  • Djouliet Amara as Drool
  • Kristen Scott Thomas as Nancy


  • Owen: A troubled and enigmatic teen who struggles with his own inner demons.
  • Katie: A young woman returning to her hometown of Salem after a long absence, seeking solace in the familiar surroundings of her childhood.
  • Luke: A sensitive and introspective boy who becomes increasingly withdrawn as the horrors of the cursed games unfold.
  • Jamie: A rebellious and outspoken girl who fights back against the malevolent entity and refuses to succumb to its power.
  • Drool: A mysterious and menacing figure who appears as the embodiment of the malevolent entity’s power.
  • Nancy: A kind and compassionate woman who tries to help the group of friends escape the clutches of the cursed games.
Watch All Fun and Games

A Descent into Darkness

The film tells the tale of Katie (Natalia Dyer), who returns home after an extended absence to Salem, seeking solace in familiar surroundings – particularly her childhood friends such as Owen (Asa Butterfield). As they reconnect, they encounter troubles from his past that threaten his well-being.

As they explore Salem’s abandoned houses and forgotten corners, they discover an ancient knife concealed under the floorboards of an old house. Unaware that this seemingly innocuous object contains an evil curse capable of awakening an evil spirit who feeds off its victims’ fears and insecurities, they bring this object home for further inspection.

Twisted Games and Deadly Consequences

Soon enough, the cursed knife’s malevolence begins manifesting itself through an assortment of horrific contests that force its victims into participation, each more deadly than the last. Their lives become at stake as they attempt to unravel its rules and escape its clutches.

The games are an unnerving reflection of childhood’s darker elements, turning innocent pastimes into terrifying ordeals. From hide-and-seek that turns into a desperate hunt for survival to truth or dare that exposes players’ darkest secrets and desires – each game challenges their sanity and morality.

A Descent into Madness

Reality and nightmare blend together as the games progress, leaving the group of friends questioning their perceptions and sanity. An evil entity manipulates the fears and insecurities of its players against each other to drive them toward madness.

Psychological horror is amplified in this film by exploring each character’s inner demons; Katie’s past traumas and Owen’s dark secrets become ever more pertinent as they confront the horrors of cursed games. Additionally, this movie explores human complexities, such as the frailty of sanity versus fear-induced chaos.

A Gripping and Unforgettable Experience

“All Fun and Games” delivers an engaging and unforgettable horror movie experience for fans, mixing elements of psychological horror with suspenseful thrills of slasher cinema. Exploring innocence’s dark side while seamlessly mixing psychological and supernatural elements creates a chilling and thought-provoking addition to horror cinema.

What is the plot of “All Fun and Games”?

A group of teenagers in a small town stumble upon a cursed knife that forces them to play deadly games.

Is “All Fun and Games” scary?

Yes, “All Fun and Games” is a scary movie. It is a psychological horror movie with elements of slasher cinema.

Is “All Fun and Games” appropriate for all audiences?

No, “All Fun and Games” is not appropriate for all audiences. It is rated R for violence and disturbing content.

Where can I see “All Fun and Games”?

“All Fun and Games” is available to stream on Netflix.