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Saw X Streaming 2023

The Saw franchise has long been a hallmark of horror cinema, and Saw X certainly doesn’t disappoint as an instalment in this classic horror franchise. Filled with gory, suspenseful, and twisting thrills that fans have come to expect, Saw X doesn’t fail to deliver on its promise!

  • Release date: September 29, 2023
  • Director: Kevin Greutert
  • Screenwriters: Josh Stolberg and Pete Goldfinger
  • Cast: Tobin Bell, Max Minghella, Chris Rock, Jennifer Lawrence
  • Running time: 93 minutes
  • Rating: R
  • Studio: Lionsgate Films

Main Characters

  • John Kramer / Jigsaw (Tobin Bell)
  • Amanda Young (Shawnee Smith)
  • Cecilia Pederson (Synnøve Macody Lund)
  • Parker Sears (Steven Brand)
  • Gabriela (Renata Vaca)
  • Detective Simone Reyes (Paulette Hernández)

Supporting Characters

  • Detective Joe Marks (Joshua Okamoto)
  • Det. Perez (Octavio Hinojosa)
  • Deputy Chief Russell (Michael Beach)
  • Dr. Lawrence Gordon (Kevin Greutert)
  • Jeff Denlon (Callum Keith Rennie)
  • Detective Allison Kerry (Dina Meyer)

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Saw X Streaming 2023

A New Game for Jigsaw

Saw X picks up where its predecessor left off, with Jigsaw still at large and his legacy alive and kicking. A group of unsuspecting victims find themselves caught up in Jigsaw’s deadly games, which test their willpower to survive.

The plot of this film is packed with turns and twists that keep audiences guessing until its very conclusion. From inventive traps to excessive gore, the filmmakers don’t shy away from taking creative approaches to gore content.

A Return to Familiar Faces

Saw X is so effective because of the familiar faces it features. Tobin Bell returns as Jigsaw and remains as menacing as ever; Max Minghella returns as Detective Hoffman, who now leads the investigation on the Jigsaw case;

The film also introduces a whole host of new characters, led by Chris Rock as Detective Ezekiel “Zeke” Banks and Jennifer Lawrence as Dr. Eleanor Brenton – two notable newcomers who add fresh perspectives to the franchise and are all well-acted.

A Gory and Thrilling Experience

Saw X is an intense and thrilling movie experience that will keep viewers on the edge. Although unsuitable for all audiences, franchise fans should make time for this must-watch film.

Where to Stream Saw X

Saw X can now be streamed on Amazon Prime Video, and rental or purchase options are also available on Apple TV, Vudu and Google Play.

Saw X was met with widespread critical acclaim, with many praising its return to form for the franchise. On Rotten Tomatoes, Saw X earned an approval rating of 84% out of 109 reviews with an average score of 7.1/10 and critical consensus reading: “Saw X brilliantly recaptures its roots while providing a fresh, bloody instalment that will satisfy fans of its predecessors.”

Metacritic scored this film 70 out of 100 based on 23 reviews, which indicates generally favourable reviews.

Here are some of the positive reviews of Saw X:

  • The Hollywood Reporter: “Saw X is a worthy addition to the long-running horror franchise, delivering the gruesome, suspenseful, and twisted thrills that fans have come to expect.”
  • Variety: “Saw X expertly weaves together the series’ past and present, delivering a satisfying conclusion that honors the legacy of Jigsaw while carving out a new path for the franchise.”
  • IGN: “Saw X is a bloody and brutal return to form for the franchise, with a clever plot, inventive traps, and a satisfying ending.”

Here are some of the negative reviews of Saw X:

  • The Wrap: “Saw X is a messy and convoluted film that relies too heavily on gore and shock value.”
  • Slant Magazine: “Saw X is a shameless cash grab that fails to live up to the legacy of the original films.”
  • The Guardian: “Saw X is a pointless and unnecessary addition to the franchise that should be avoided by all but the most hardcore fans.”

Overall, Saw X has been widely lauded as an entertaining return to form for its franchise. While some critics found its overreliance on gore and shock value disappointing, most agreed it served as a satisfactory conclusion to the series.


Overall, Saw X is an impressive instalment to the franchise. A professional horror film that offers thrills and chills that fans have come to expect is what this film delivers.

Is Saw X worth watching?

Absolutely, Saw X is an impressive horror film that will satisfy fans of its franchise. Packed with gore and suspenseful scenes with clever plot twists and unexpected traps.

Is Saw X as gory as the previous films?

Saw X is no less shocking than its predecessors in terms of gore content; not recommended for viewers with weak stomachs but an essential viewing for fans of blood and gore!

How does Saw X compare to the other films in the franchise?

Saw X is an outstanding addition to the Saw franchise, providing audiences with all the blood-curdling thrills and suspenseful action they’ve come to expect from these films.

Are the traps in Saw X more creative than the traps in previous films?

Saw X features inventive trap designs that continue to push the limits of gore and imagination with every new trap design from its creators.

What are the traps used for in Saw X?

Saw X’s traps serve many functions; from punishing past sinners for their past transgressions to testing their resolve and teaching them an invaluable lesson about life itself.

Is Saw X a reboot or a sequel?

Saw X is the fifth installment in the Saw franchise and takes place several years post-event of Saw VI.

How does Saw X fit into the Saw timeline?

Saw X is set after the events of Saw III and Saw IV, providing closure on some gaps in Jigsaw’s timeline while providing new insight into his past.

What are some of the new characters in Saw X?

Saw X introduces several new characters, such as Detective Ezekiel “Zeke” Banks and Dr. Eleanor Brenton of the LAPD as well as a host of Jigsaw victims.