Last Call for Istanbul (2023): A Turkish Romance Film


Last Call for Istanbul
  • Release Date- November 24, 2023 (Netflix)
  • Director- Gonenc Uyanik
  • Cast- Seray Kaya and Boran Kuzum
Last Call for Istanbul

Last Call for Istanbul, written and directed by Nuran Evren Sit (The Gift), stars Seray Kaya as Serin, an innocent young woman who meets Boran Kuzum’s Mehmet at JFK International Airport in New York City; they then embark on an emotional and self-discovery journey together through Istanbul in search of missing luggage.

Last Call for Istanbul is an inventive modern take on the classic romantic comedy genre. The film explores love, marriage, and commitment in today’s fast-paced and ever-evolving world, highlighting Istanbul as one of the world’s vibrant metropolises.


  • Love: It is a film about love in its various forms – romantic and platonic alike. The film explores all of its various manifestations as well as their challenges and rewards, providing insight into all types of relationships.
  • Marriage: It is another film about marriage that explores its dynamics – both positive and negative aspects – while showing how temptation and distance can test any union.
  • Loyalty: It is another film exploring loyalty. The film explores various forms of expression for this concept as well as its importance within relationships of all kinds.


  • Serin (Seray Kaya): Serin, an ambitious young woman struggling to find herself, travels from Istanbul to discover who she truly is and appreciate her worth. Through the journey in Istanbul, she comes closer to discovering who she truly is as well as learning to accept it fully.
  • Mehmet (Boran Kuzum): Mehmet is an unhappy married man struggling with his inner demons. Though successful at work, his marriage is miserable. After meeting Serin, Mehmet must confront his desires and make hard choices that challenge his marriage and him both as individuals.


Last Call for Istanbul is an entertaining and thought-provoking romantic film that offers strong performances by Seray Kaya and Boran Kuzum. Additionally, It captures Istanbul’s beauty and culture beautifully on screen, therefore making this an essential viewing for romantic comedies and Turkish cinema fans alike.

It serves as an insightful commentary on modern life, exploring both its advantages and drawbacks in terms of living in a fast-paced and ever-evolving society. Furthermore, technology serves both to connect and disconnect individuals.

This movie is an unforgettable film that will resonate with audiences everywhere. The themes of love, marriage, and loyalty found within its narrative will strike a chord with viewers worldwide; its characters are relatable and captivating, making Last Call for Istanbul something viewers will keep coming back for again and again.

Will Last Call for Istanbul be the next big Turkish romantic comedy?

Only time will tell, but all of the elements for success are there – an exceptional cast, heartwarming plot points and stunning settings all add up to make Last Call for Istanbul an instant classic!

What can we expect from the chemistry between Serin and Mehmet?

Serin and Mehmet possess remarkable chemistry; their relationship is both passionate and wistful, captivating viewers right up until its conclusion.

Is Last Call for Istanbul worth watching?

Last Call for Istanbul is definitely worth seeing; its creators created an entertaining film full of laughs, romance and thought-provoking dialogue that will leave audiences thoroughly engaged with this cinematic experience

Will Last Call for Istanbul become a cult classic?

Only time will tell, but its ingredients make it likely: an original and refreshing storyline and passionate fans who support it.

Will there be a sequel to Last Call for Istanbul?

That all depends on its success! If audiences enjoy Last Call for Istanbul, chances are a sequel could be made.